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Lynette Allen

Labelled an ‘Activist’ on Social Media, Lynette’s unrivalled experience in developing women meant that her ‘Increase your Power & Influence’ programmes are now delivered all over the UK and Europe. She works tirelessly to help women recognise and utilise their power in order to influence and direct their personal and professional lives.

As an authority on developing women, Lynette has worked with numerous Women’s Networking groups for companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Bemis, UK Power Networks and MasterCard. Her experience means she has worked with women all over the world on topics surrounding female advancement. Her flagship programme addresses these issues head on and reaches 100’s of women each year.

A sought after speaker, Lynette has taken to the stage all over the UK & Europe talking about her passion for changing the landscape for women especially in the workplace. She has addressed thousands of women, in person and on TV/Radio, following the publication of her first book back in 2004. Lynette speaks on topics to do with how women hold themselves back by giving away their power and how she believes they can take that power right back again.

Lynette is author of 4 books, the latest being a coaching text book - the first book to be written specifically with a focus on how to specialise in coaching women. Her research for ‘How to Coach a Woman’ correlated with her passion for understanding the challenges that women face and how to create environments in which they are free to thrive. Lynette’s books have been translated into 4 languages and are available in bookshops and on Amazon.

An instinctive coach, over her 15 years in the business has developed a reputation of ‘UK’s leading coach for women’. She has worked with 100’s of women across the globe to support them in reaching their professional and self-development goals. Her style is extremely personable, inspiring, and motivating. Her clients change and grow beautifully with her support and sculpt their careers and skills to a much higher level.

Her work takes her all over the world, most notably Europe, although many of her clients are closer to home in London.

Lynette also founded the UK Coaching Partnership which trains professionals to become coaches. Although Lynette’s work means that she is no longer involved in the running of the business, she still joins her team at Cambridge University where her diary allows.

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