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Trisha Lee

Trisha Lee is the Founder and Artistic Director of MakeBelieve Arts, a theatre and education company offering innovative, high quality programmes to develop the creative, emotional and cognitive potential of children and young people from Foundation, Primary and Secondary schools across the UK.

Trish has directed seven shows with the company and run countless projects in schools. She has worked all over the world and is widely known for her work on Helicopter Stories. She is in demand to speak at conferences and deliver INSETs for teachers.

Based on her work in theatre and education, her ability to link current educational theory with theatre practice and a passionate interest in how children learn, Trish has published several books.

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Publications by Trisha Lee

A Moon on Water

‘Spiritual intelligence’ is the innate ability that all children have…

There Is Another Way

Edited by Ian Gilbert with chapters by Mark Anderson, Lisa…

Author Blog

On Being Home and Feeling Weird….

November 23 2014

As the plane touched down in Heathrow, I felt a wave of emotion, but what emotion was it? There were tears in my eyes, but I didn’t know if they were happy, sad, excited or scared. I just felt weird. My son Callum, and friends Pippa and Kieran were there to greet Bill and I … Continue reading On Being Home and Feeling Weird….

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Facing the Stillness

September 16 2014

New Zealand blew me away. The landscape is beautiful and all the people I met were incredibly friendly, from the woman at customs who laughed with me, to the person on the check out who packed my bags and asked a genuine “how are you today” to every customer. With this much warmth it did … Continue reading Facing the Stillness

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