Sack Your Boss!

How to quit your job and turn your passion into your profession

By: Jonathan Jay


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Size: 230mm x 156mm

Pages : 160

ISBN : 9781845900021

Format: Paperback

Published: September 2005

Join the Sack Your Boss! revolution and start your own successful business - this book will make you unstoppable. Have you ever dreamt of turning the tables and sacking your boss? Every week, three thousand people in the UK quit their jobs and set up their own business. Perhaps you’re thinking of doing this right now?

What you need is the low down on exactly how to do it - from someone who’s done it. You need practical, down-to-earth advice that will help you turn your business idea into a storming success! This book will do that for you. There’s not an ounce of theory, just brass tacks common sense.

You’ll learn….

  • How to find customers - and lots of them
  • How to set your prices and get paid on time
  • How to sell yourself - even if you hate the idea of selling
  • How to get free publicity
  • How to run a successful business
  • How to avoid the mistakes most new business owners make

Picture for author Jonathan Jay

Jonathan Jay

Jonathan Jay is founder of The Coaching Academy, Europe's leading school for personal and business coaches. He has taught over 5,000 people how to set up their business - and how to make a success of it. A committed entrepreneur and presenter of the BBC's popular 'Get a New Life- show, he is also a regular conference and seminar presenter. Jonathan is proud to be leading the UK's Sack Your Boss revolution.


  1. Sack your boss is an excellent model of how a sole trader can successfully set up in business. Jonathan Jay does not gloss over the severe challenges, showing how they can be successfully negotiated. An excellent read which will rapidly move the budding entrepreneur from thinker to doer.

  2. At some time or another we have all made the utterance of wanting to be our own boss only to do nothing whatsoever about it either because we tack the bottle or just do not know how to get started.

    Enter stage Left then an aid to this dilemma going by the interesting title of Sack Your Boss. This 165 page tome conveys an unbiased, simple and concise message focusing on how to become your own boss. The content varies from finding and being paid by customers to setting your priorities and marketing yourself and your product effectively.

    That it is within anyone's grasp to work for themselves and discard the shackles of being someone else's wage slave is the mantra of this piece of work. To be able to wax Lyrical on the subject of self-employment though, surely the content must be based on personal experience? So it is. Jonathan Jay, the author, started out a number of years ago on his own with minimal funding and now runs a successful coaching business.

    Now let's get realistic here. We are not all going to crack it big time in the realms of self-employment but we can have a good go at -˜turning our passion into earning power' as described by Jay. Beware though. Statistics quoted in the book do not make easy reading. For example, eight out of ten new enterprises fail within the first five years of existence and others fail in the next five. There are many reasons for the demise of these fledging businesses but their owners not having the requisite skills appears to be one of the main ones - a useful ut sates pitch then for the book.

    It is full of useful anecdotes detailing the pitfalls selfemployed status brings. Certain chapters will capture the imagination of those Looking for specific subject matter such as those on marketing and finance. There are also numerous useful references made to other books on the same subject but which does lead to a somewhat Lengthy bibliography at the back of the book.

    Jay's writing style does, at times. adopt somewhat of a -˜one cap fits all approach'. This may well rule out a large minority of businesses whose needs, I feel, fall out-with the book's scope given its focus on mostly white collar occupations. However this does not necessarily preclude those wanting to embark on businesses involving say bungee jumping for the under-fives or- producing passenger rockets to go to the moon. This is due to a good deal of the book's material being applicable across the board irrespective of product, market place or customer base.

    Not a lot captures my attention twice but there is one part of the book which does just that. I read it a number of times and coincidence it may be but it is certainly one that will make readers sit up and think. Take the Letters of the word -˜attitude' and relate them numerically to their place in the alphabet - ie the Letter -˜a' = 1. Total them up and you come to 100 which Jay translates to per cent suggesting that attitude is 100% of the equation to being successfully self-employed. He makes no small bones of this by then turning the word into an acronym the letter -˜a' for -˜action-orientated'; -˜e' denoting -˜expect-theunexpected' and so on. A gimmick perhaps, but one that will stick with me for a possible future training session.

    There is no doubt that the book is highly topical and Jay does capitalise on this. Yes he does makes it Look a little too easy to do the unthinkable and quit the 9-5 routine and at times can be quite glib about the issue but there is something tangible about the way he writes. A possible downside though is the price of the hook which, unless you are buying it for the specific reason of becoming your own boss, could be construed as a little bit of an extravagance.

    However consider the fact that in an average lifetime you will spend at least 78,144 hours at work. This fact alone should make anyone even contemplating Life without a boss reach for the book shelf. I would even go as far as recommending the book to those who just fancy a spot of pure indulgence. After all we can all dream can we not because without dreams how will we know when we have achieved anything?
  3. Jonathan Jay, entrepreneur, magician and founder of The Coaching Academy, has an engaging presentation style which carries over into his writing and Sack Your Boss! accurately reflects his enthusiasm and no-nonsense approach.

    If you have ever thought of sacking your boss and starting your own business, this fast-paced book may be just what you want to guide you through he steps you need to take to be successful. In fact, there are plenty of existing business owners who would benefit from reading and acting on Jonathan's advice.

    It's a practical hands-on guide, written by someone who has actual experience of setting up businesses, who has encountered and overcome pitfalls, and in 7 years has created a company worth '£25 million, so the tips are tried, tested and very clearly presented.
  4. Sack Your Boss describes eloquently and practically the first steps towards independence and the opening-up of your personal horizons. Key reading for those fed up with the rat-race.
  5. Easily the best business start-up book I've ever read
  6. A compelling, incisive book written by a top business coach who's been there, seen it and done it. Read it from cover to cover - it'll put you on the fast track to success.

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