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The New Year is an important time to focus on your wellbeing and take better care of your mental health. Take 30% off the following Wellbeing in Education titles (plus there's free UK shipping).

Offer valid until midnight 31st March 2024! Discount applied automatically (excludes bundles).

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Beyond Wiping Noses

Building an informed approach to pastoral leadership in schools
£16.99 £11.89

Sweet Distress

How our love affair with feelings has fuelled the current mental health crisis (and what we can do about it)
£14.99 £10.49

Independent Thinking on Laughter

Using humour as a tool to engage and motivate all learners
£11.99 £8.39

Troubled Hearts, Troubled Minds

Making sense of the emotional dimension of learning
£16.99 £11.89

Learning without Fear

A practical toolkit for developing growth mindset in the early years and primary classroom
£19.99 £13.99

Teach Like You Imagined It

Finding the right balance
£16.99 £11.89