101 Days to Make a Change

Daily strategies to move from knowing to being

By: Emma Kilbey , Kristina Bill , Roy Leighton


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Size: 135mm x 216mm
Pages : 288
ISBN : 9781845906788
Format: Paperback
Published: July 2011

101 Days to Make a Change is a constructive and compassionate companion that will help get you back in the driving seat of your life – in just over three months. Its expansive ideology is grounded by an achievable process with a realistic timeframe to help chart progress and acknowledge results.

This programme will give you rigorous tools in order to truly understand what makes you who you are, so you can plan for your best future, both personally and professionally. You'll be led by clear and practical steps to uncover your drives and motivation and identify your attitude to learning and change. Armed with these valuable insights, your confidence will increase and your stress levels will be reduced while you develop new skills and start achieving firm goals.

A variety of exercises and activities, alongside motivating quotes and calls to action, will ensure that you stay focussed, supported and positive as you journey towards a more optimistic and successful you.

Picture for author Emma Kilbey

Emma Kilbey

From commercial values-based training programmes to transformational educational interventions, Emma strikes an inspiring balance between intellectual rigour, practical application, creativity and intuition. Originally trained as a journalist, she co-runs a successful theatre company and is also an actress, director, scriptwriter, diversity trainer and occasional cabaret crooner. A professional enthusiast, she gets a big buzz from truffling out people's uniqueness.

Click here to read Emma Kilbey’s blog.

Picture for author Kristina Bill

Kristina Bill

Kristina is both a creative and an intellectual. Her prime motivator is to understand how we as humans manage our existence and express ourselves as a way of making sense of our experience. This deep drive has led her to turn every side of her into a vocational platform.

Kristina has authored critically acclaimed personal development book 101 Days to Make a Change and was nominated in two categories (Non-Fiction and Best Debut Writer) at the 2012 People's Book Prize. She has developed and run training for adults for over 20 years across Europe and the US. She holds a Bachelor of Business Studies, is a certified Life Coach and has numerous other professional qualifications such as Fitness Instructor, Meisner Actor, Music Producer and Film Maker. She divides her time between creative pursuits and learning notably for large organisations such as Deloitte University EMEA. She specialises in leadership development, communication and personal effectiveness and is passionate about human transformation and adult learning. She practices holistic wellness and advocates exercise, healthy living and mindfulness meditation in her courses.

Early in her career, Kristina worked as an actor and has continued as a filmmaker to produce communications and product launch pieces. She has released three albums of original music and created several music videos to support her work. She is a prolific voice over artist working across television, film and corporate media. Kristina is Swedish born and a resident of London, UK since 1998. Her childhood included stints in India and Canada, providing her with an international perspective early on.

With many different roles and abilities Kristina is uniquely positioned to advocate and guide the reader's path away from fragmentation and towards cohesion. She believes that by striving to be your authentic self there is no need to change hats' depending on which circumstance you are in. She believes that with the right support this mindset can be developed and maintained with balance and harmony.

Picture for author Roy Leighton

Roy Leighton

Roy has been working in value-based areas in education, the arts and business environments in the U.K. and internationally for over 25 years. He has written books on creativity, learning, parenting, leadership and confidence. His areas of expertise are many and varied; from providing inspiring and stimulating key-note speeches to whole day conferences and workshops and sustainable programmes that run for weeks and years, and on rare occasions, possibly lifetimes.


  1. If you want to make a change in your life then this is the companion that you want with you along the journey. It is both constructive and supportive and gives you the tools that you need to put your plan into practice. It isn't often that a self-help book comes along that is really motivating but this one most definitely is that. With the insights and self-awareness that you can achieve through reading this book you will definitely find your confidence mounting as you begin to achieve the goals that you want for you which will then change your life in ways that you can only dream of.
  2. This book invites you to consider your personal flight or fight responses in your own life. Illuminated or shadowy? Starting over, starting anew. Hold on, Let go. These are the topics in this book. The new or the familiar, what do you choose? The authors of, 101 Days to Make a Change, offer basics in adapting to -˜letting go of yesterday and finding ways to become who you need to be today'.

    This book invites you to look at how you respond. With a light or with gloomily disposition?

    Most of the questions in the book are directed to your inner world rather than the outside. It focuses on your response to what is around you. So it is asking you, are you being served by the way you think about the external world? And is it time for you to rethink the way you see the external world? Do you need to redo how you think about a thing?

    This book is not directly about your marriage, job, children, money, health, possessions etc. No, it's about principles which the big things in life stand upon. In other words, this book indirectly asks you to become acquainted with fundamental themes like -˜nothing is against you, or that peace is your nature' and becoming acquainted with these laws will re order your life force.

    This book invites you to be really kind with the way you see your external world as reflection of your internal world. Is it gleaming, glistening, and bright, or dark, shallow, and mucky? What ever picture you see, are you at peace with it? Do you smile at yourself in your minds eye or not? These are the sorts of prompts you are asked to consider.

    This book is encouraging you over 101 days to either follow questions in sequence or to dip into them randomly as you are addressing your perspectives of your life. For example, do you dwell in anger (fight), anxiety (flight) and if so, what do you do next? What do you expect to experience in the outside world if you are suspicious, frustrated, exhausted or on edge now.

    The 101 daily exercises brilliantly invite you into that sort of reflection and awareness. Yet it's not preachy, not heavy, and just not all pious and over knowledgeable if you know what I mean. It gets you go get into the experience for yourself. Ideal for busy men and women

    The daily exercise invites you to change your perception from within. So instead of seeing external threats from situation, you will be gently invited to appreciate how you shape your world. Over and over again, the exercises are asking you, are you seeing the outside world as toxic?

    What I love about this book?

    It's soothing because it lets you move at your own pace. You will be asked nicely in really simple exercises, to consider what it might be like if you continue to reside in toxic thoughts of disappointment, frustration, annoyance, suspicion , being on edge, that nothing is ok, that joy is a rare ingredient, that happiness is rare and there is just not enough. In the privacy of your own mind you will be asked how does thoughts like, you cannot trust, or that things are just not satisfying you help you. This is the sort of thing that will emerge from the work from the 101 days, and know this for sure. It's ok. This is a powerful book because it asks you to restart, renew, after such a wonderful review in a fun way. Fun, fun, fun!

    It's a start over sort of book, from a place of peace, joy and happiness. Not preachy or pious, practical and fun. That's the powerful impact of this book. It's a book that starts you on a life time journey using your own creativity. This book invites you to enter the Interior of yourself and change into that bright, light, sparkle that you imagine about yourself.

    Why do we say that? Well where ever you might be in life, we all have desires for happiness that makes us twinkle and sparkle and this book acts as a gateway to that place of understanding. Even the exercises are short, snappy and practical they are powerful. So you may be having issue with your marriage, career, family, money, possessions, health, sex, and romance, what ever. Holding onto who you were yesterday may be a false wisdom if it's not based on the desires of life, like peace, unity etc. You may consider that these issues are outside of you, yet this book, will draw you attention to the fact that external change you are looking for comes from you becoming that change. You get 101 days to dwell on that direction. So you will not fall on your own poorly made -˜sword' of weird perceptions.

    So yes, you are asked to dwell on the desires of your life. Peace, unity, desire for justice, choice, creativity, to be cared for, to care for others, and more. This really is an interior book of change for Men and Women. Helping you to wire your priorities into your life.

    This book invites you to consider the light within -˜Graves Laws of life'. This book sets out laws of life in accordance with the Gravesian levels of human existence in an explicit way. , It opens you up, and so you can be led to wisdom. To reboot and get on with your life.

    I think I have made the point now, that, this book deals with the process of changes. How to go into your inner self, especially if one wishes to experience a great harvest from life after planting in ones job, romance ,health ,community ,and so on. Ideal book for men and women who are time poor.

    Recession proofing you

    It asks you about how you use your words and imagination to reshape your inner mind and relationships. This book asks you to reprogramme your min words and imagination in very creative ways. It results in you discovering important ways to imagine you're self as able to handle change within you. At a time of great external changes in society you are invited to learn how to come from a place where you can be smiling and laughing despite challenges. It's asking you to be at peace with what is in 101 days, or more if necessary!

    This book invites you to experience the light within endings and beginnings.

    This book is for you if you know something is over and you do not want to accept it!

    This book is for you, if you know that things pass away, that we are in the material world. This book deals with issues of preferring the devil you know rather than the devil you do not know.

    From whist I read in the exercises, and what I can summaries, if we try to make the old better rather than move on and change we find difficulties. This attitude of change requires a rethinking of ones identity. So it requires some assistance to master the principles of change. So the principles within, 101 Days to Make a Change, is ideal for busy men and women This book invites you to be practical in an illuminated way

    The book has an approachably bright green cover. Its contents are presented in short, snappy pages of exercises, one for each of the 101 days. Each page provides a large enough area to write your own answers to the questions you are being asked to complete. The daily strategies are designed to be done rather than just read.

    This book is not simply another information package; it's a book urging you to generate new energy of change into your life. From what I can gather, do not expect the book to change you unless you actively partake of its activities. You will be asked to bring forward your latent talents by getting into the mood of what you want to become. Since the authors share artistic, performing arts, theatrical backgrounds they are drawing on that to bring your own X Factor forward! Who should read it? Anyone looking for clarity

    Recommended reading.

    Use it to help yourself discover your own inner light and clarity about your situation over 101 days.
  3. I have always found Roy's approach to change inspiring and thought-provoking. His collaboration in this book made it a must try for me and I wasn't disappointed. I'd recommend it if you want something different in your work or personal lives but don't know where to start -” the answer as you will quickly see is always “with yourself”!!!
  4. A great resource with some innovative ideas and perfect for dipping into for some daily inspiration. I especially liked the idea of keeping a -˜Mood diary' and its helpful that there is space for notes at the end of each days exercise. The quotations peppered throughout were thought provoking too.
  5. 101 days to Make a Change -” a book? No it's more than that. This is our personal MOT manual exploring every part of our lives. It's not a book just to read, it's a brilliant manual with practical and profound exercises to complete so that we can live at our best and give our best. It's brilliant -” it's to be used every year -” and I highly recommend it.
  6. Having led transformational change in busy, large and complex organisations most of my adult life, I struggle to find a book on personal development that inspires me to read it from cover to cover, never mind putting it into practice. Well this did both!
  7. In this book there is a quotation from the actor Morgan Freeman which says: “Learning how to be still, to be really still and let life happen -” that stillness becomes a radiance”.
    I read this book in a day. I found myself unpicking and re-examining aspects of my life and behaviour. It was provactive and profound. If I read it and undertook the programme for 101 days, it would almost certainly be profoundly life-changing.
    Are you content with your present? Are you content with what you perceive to be your future? If so, do not read this book: no need. If not, undertaking the programme over 101 days would help you clarify, at a level you perhaps have never done before, how you want to live and to be.
    The programme requires commitment. Imagine yourself doing a twelve week summer school or training for the London Marathon. In a systematic way you are need to going to devote time and energy to it each day. So, before you start make some decisions about what you may have to -˜cut out' for that period. The programme also requires courage. Almost all if not all of us need a support mechanisms in our lives. Tell your close friends and family that you are undertaking this course. They can offer you encouragement along the way: be your programme buddies.
    This book is a tool. It is both a car and a bit of a navigator for the journey. You are the driver, ultimately deciding the nature of the journey through listening to your own inner compass. Each person who undertakes this programme will ï'¬'nd themselves at the end at a destination that is unique and particular to them. The programme can help you to more clearly understand who you are and speciï'¬'cally what makes you happy. In your own particular way, it can help you learn to be really still, let life happen, and enjoy every part of its rollercoaster ride. Ultimately, I think you may ï'¬'nd the journey itself is the destination.
  8. The authors invite us on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery. They offer practical down to earth support full of possibility and based upon sound reasoning. This book will really help you to transform your life if you let it allowing you to reach your goals both personal and professional. It is a tool for change at the deepest level.

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