New Releases

Bringing Forth the Bard

A guide to teaching Shakespeare in the English classroom


A school built on love

Leadership for Sustainability

Saving the planet one school at a time

Imperfect Leadership in Action

A practical book for school leaders who know they don’t know it all


Reboot your life with BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

Independent Thinking on Primary Teaching

Practical strategies for working smarter, not harder

A Head Full of Ethos

A holistic guide to developing and sustaining a positive school culture

About Our Schools

Improving on previous best

The Beginner's Guide to Cooperative Learning

Make your learners your main teaching resource


An evidence-informed, collaborative professional learning resource for teacher leaders and other leaders working within and across schools

The A Level Mindset – Revised Edition

40 activities for transforming student commitment, motivation and productivity

Becoming a Teacher

The legal, ethical and moral implications of entering society’s most fundamental profession

The Four Pillars of Parental Engagement

Empowering schools to connect better with parents and pupils

Celebrating Teachers

Making a difference

The CPD Curriculum

Creating conditions for growth

Sticky Teaching and Learning

How to make your students remember what you teach them