Behaviour books

Here's a range of books offering advice for teachers on getting behaviour right in schools. 

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Changing Perceptions

Deciphering the language of behaviour

That Behaviour Book

The simple truth about teaching children

Square Pegs

Inclusivity, compassion and fitting in – a guide for schools
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The Kindness Principle

Making relational behaviour management work in schools

After The Adults Change

Achievable behaviour nirvana

Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice

Building relationships, improving behaviour and creating stronger communities

Living Contradiction

A teacher's examination of tension and disruption in schools, in classrooms and in self

When the Adults Change, Everything Changes

Seismic shifts in school behaviour

Girl Bullying

Do I Look Bothered?

Sorting out Behaviour

A head teacher's guide

The Discipline Coach

If you're thinking discipline is keeping them in check, sorting them out, showing them what's good for them, because it's for their own good, because it's what the youth of today are so sorely lacking... you've got the wrong book!