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Andy Cope

Andy Cope is the author of the famous Spy Dog books, a trainer and keynote speaker. He is an expert in positive psychology and happiness, which led him to develop The Art of Being Brilliant. This is delivered in various forms as workshops for businesses, conferences, teachers and teenagers. It has also informed the thinking behind his brilliant books.

Click here to listen in on Andy’s podcast with Pivotal Education - ‘Being Brilliant!’.

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Author Blog

Leadership Reboot

March 09 2018

You’re tired, tense and just want it to be over. It’s the early hours of the morning, you are nearly there and then suddenly the screen goes blue.

Blue Screen


We’ve all been there (at least, those of us of a certain age) – and probably too many times to remember. The blue screen of death was seriously bad news. Back in the day, it took forever to reboot.

Enter David Bradley, the creator of ‘ctrl-alt-delete’, a little shortcut that kick started the system in no time at all. It gave your computer a totally fresh start.

At ‘Art of Brill’, we do the human equivalent. The modern world is awash with pressure, stress, and overwhelm. Look around and you’ll see people fuelled up on caffeine and sugar, hoping to make it to the weekend or their next holiday. If you’re not careful your own body and brain can reach overload and it’s blue screen time.

We have a series of short, sharp workshops that acts as a personal reboot: ‘Mojo’, ‘Why-Factor’, ‘Bouncebackability’, ‘Strengths’, ‘Be Brilliant by Doing Nothing’ – all quirky, fun and energising. And then there’s our Rolls Royce of reboots, our 3 day re-set button that restores you to ‘good as new’.

To find out more about ‘ctrl-alt-delete’ for managers email peter@artofbrilliance.co.uk or click here for the Personal Leadership Programme at Champneys Springs Spa in Leicestershire.

So check it out here. Because now is the perfect time to…

Personal Leadership Programme 1

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Born Free

February 23 2018

Yes, there's a bit of genetic jiggery pokery but when you emerge into the bright lights, you have no idea whether you're white, brown, black, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Jedi, or whether you're destined to support Derby County, Arsenal, Partick Thistle or none of them. You've no idea whether you're going to be someone who lives an abundant life, or someone who plays it so cautiously that they miss out. You haven't decided whether you're a confident or non-confident person, whether you'll take illegal drugs or eat too much cake on a regular basis. You're not born with prejudice or religious intolerance. We're not born to judge or hate.

All of the above are learned behaviours, choices that we make according to the upbringing we have. Let's paraphrase a newspaper story that gives a heart-warming example of how we all start out. In recent times there's been a security crackdown. So airports have become more onerous, often requiring you to step into a glass chamber, legs spayed, arms aloft, as they take some sort of naked picture of you. We don't question it. We do as they ask, hanging onto the glimmer of positivity that the naked picture shows your back passage is clear of heroin and it's more humane than the alternative rubber glove treatment.

This heightened security has spread to concerts and public gatherings. There's a wonderful story about a 4-year old boy who was new to all this. A keen WWF wrestling fan, his dad took him to a big venue where fans were routinely frisked on entry. All of them, even the 4 year olds! The boy wandered through the metal detector, the red light picking out his £1 spending money buried in his pocket. The security guard knelt down to the boy's level and opened his arms, showing the 4-year old what was required. The lad, assuming the best, opened his arms and went in for the full hug.

And that was where the newspaper story ended. Whether security went on to discover a flick-knife tucked into the lad's belt, or a kilo of hash in his socks, who knows?

I'd say it's unlikely because the boy is how we all start out, primed for love, not hate.

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