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Andy Tharby

Andy Tharby is a practising English teacher with 9 years of classroom experience at a secondary school in West Sussex. He is also a research lead, with an interest in helping ordinary classroom teachers enhance their practice through engagement with a wider evidence base. He writes a well-regarded blog, Reflecting English, in which he covers a range of subjects from improving student writing to finding solutions to the problems and dilemmas faced by busy teachers.

Read Andy’s guest blog post for The Times Educational Supplement.

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Making Every Lesson Count

Packed with practical strategies and case studies, Making Every Lesson…

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Question templates – an approach to improving analysis

September 02 2016

A lot of the advice teachers receive about formulating good questions is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. According to Bloom’s, ‘creation’, ‘evaluation’ and ‘analysis’ questions – the higher-order questions – sit at the top of the pile. At the bottom sit their lower-order brethren, the ‘remember’ and ‘understand’ questions. The theory goes that if teachers ask more high-order questions and […]

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The holy trinity of English teaching: direction, immersion and habit

May 15 2016

Over the past couple of years it has become clear to me that the individual lesson is too simple a vehicle to be relied upon as the main driver of learning. That is not to say that lessons are unimportant in themselves, but that learning itself is too tricky and elusive to be calculated from […]

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