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Andy Tharby

Andy Tharby is a practising English teacher with nine years of classroom experience at a secondary school in West Sussex. He is also a research lead, with an interest in helping ordinary classroom teachers enhance their practice through engagement with a wider evidence base. He writes a well-regarded blog, Reflecting English, in which he covers a range of subjects from improving student writing to finding solutions to the problems and dilemmas faced by busy teachers.

Read Andy’s guest blog post for The Times Educational Supplement.

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Making every English lesson count

Brings the teaching of conceptual knowledge, vocabulary and challenging literature…

Making Every Lesson Count

This award-winning title has now inspired a whole series of…

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A ‘Mastery-light’ Subject Curriculum Model

March 12 2018

Originally posted on Class Teaching:
By Andy Tharby Before we consider the shape and dimensions of a subject curriculum, we should first consider its purpose. In my opinion, a curriculum should always be challenging in its depth and breadth so that: students acquire powerful knowledge that takes them beyond their experience; students are encouraged to…

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The essential ingredients of great English teaching

March 11 2018

Image: @jasonramasami What follows is an article I wrote for the latest edition of Teach Secondary. It is based on ideas from my book Making every English lesson count, which was published last summer. No two English teachers will ever fully agree on what makes effective English teaching. And why should we? Each new teacher joins […]

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