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Angela Garry

Angela Garry has 24 years’ experience in administrative roles, including working in three universities, a training company, and five years in a new academy in the UK. Globally the most connected personal assistant and PA trainer on LinkedIn, Angela has delivered seminars, training events and CPD workshops for over 3,300 PAs in education and corporate settings throughout the world. A frequent speaker at UK PA conferences and trade events, Angela edits a magazine for head teachers’ PAs and guest-writes for several other PA publications, as well as mentoring and coaching PAs throughout the UK.

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The importance of human connection

August 11 2016

I had a surgery on Tuesday last week, on my birthday - which sucked. I mean, no-one wants to spend their birthday in hospital, after all.
I was inundated with messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Text, LinkedIn and Email - from kindly friends and contacts who wished me well - both in terms of "happy birthday" and "happy surgery" messages.

This week, my beloved cat Debbie Boo died, plus I heard that someone I had known from years ago when I was at university recently committed suicide. Both losses have hit me really hard.
Once again I've been astounded by the number of messages I've received from all quarters, offering words of kindness and support.

Human connection like these means a huge amount, it really does.

So my message to everyone reading this blog is: reach out to someone in need, offer your support, ask if there's anything you can do to help, be there for someone, be supportive, just listen. That's often all that's needed - someone to listen.

Thank you all.

Gordon and Debbie Boo are together again now.

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Where does inspiration come from and what do we do with it?

July 13 2016

Over the years I've been influenced by a number of remarkable people who have done amazing things.
Some: the writers, the singers, the artistes, have powered into my psyche by saying or writing words which have resonated with me on a personal level, reflecting some aspect of my life back at me, as if they were speaking just to me. Songs written for armies of other people have felt like they were MY song when a few select words have echoed a thought or a feeling that I've had.
Others: actors and actresses, have sandblasted their way through my tougher exterior and melted my inner thoughts and challenges, leading a way for me to follow.
Others still: seemingly random things that someone does or says, and which have a profound impact on how I think, feel, relate.
I think we all have these.
What's important it's what we do with them - that we stop and  take a moment to listen to the message they are telling us, take in what their story has to share with us, understand their truth and how it can lead us to better things.
It's also really important, where possible, that we let these inspiring people know what impact they have had on us, how something that they have done has imparted knowledge or truth or feelings for us. If you get an opportunity to do so, let someone know that what they have said or done has had an impact on your life.
Meet and connect with your heroes and heroines where you can - go to a book signing, wait at the stage door after a show, message or tweet them to let them know their impact.
Then go out there and aim to be a positive influence in someone else's life yourself.

Meet your heroes - let them know what they have meant to you. Then go out and be one.

Onwards and upwards!
Angela Garry

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