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Angela Garry

Angela Garry has 24 years’ experience in administrative roles, including working in three universities, a training company, and five years in a new academy in the UK. Globally the most connected personal assistant and PA trainer on LinkedIn, Angela has delivered seminars, training events and CPD workshops for over 3,300 PAs in education and corporate settings throughout the world. A frequent speaker at UK PA conferences and trade events, Angela edits a magazine for head teachers’ PAs and guest-writes for several other PA publications, as well as mentoring and coaching PAs throughout the UK.

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The common image of the secretary or personal assistant is…

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HOW and WHERE can I help YOU in 2017?

November 26 2016

I'm putting together some dates and venues for training events in 2017 - in both the UK and worldwide.

It's always a challenge to decide where to offer courses, and what course content, and I tend to put questions out via LinkedIn to gauge the best combinations, so I thought I would use this blogspace too to ask a few questions of you......

If you're a PA, EA, VA, Secretary or Administrator, what aspects of training and development would you like to cover in the coming few months? What do you need that would make your job easier? What would help you to assist your boss better? What could you be doing for them which would make their role easier? What skills do you need to build on, what do you need a basis on, what do you want some advanced training on?
 As well as the courses that I offer to the general public, I'm also available for private bespoke bookings for you and your colleagues at your choice of venue. You might even want to invite other PAs in your local area to attend and charge them a fee per person to attend (which would go towards covering my training fee, travel and accommodation).

So - put your thinking cap on, and let me know what you need!

Get in touch - angelagarry@picaaurum.com - and I'll try my best to work out a programme that could fit your needs.

My training website is at www.picaaurum.com

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The importance of human connection

August 11 2016

I had a surgery on Tuesday last week, on my birthday - which sucked. I mean, no-one wants to spend their birthday in hospital, after all.
I was inundated with messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Text, LinkedIn and Email - from kindly friends and contacts who wished me well - both in terms of "happy birthday" and "happy surgery" messages.

This week, my beloved cat Debbie Boo died, plus I heard that someone I had known from years ago when I was at university recently committed suicide. Both losses have hit me really hard.
Once again I've been astounded by the number of messages I've received from all quarters, offering words of kindness and support.

Human connection like these means a huge amount, it really does.

So my message to everyone reading this blog is: reach out to someone in need, offer your support, ask if there's anything you can do to help, be there for someone, be supportive, just listen. That's often all that's needed - someone to listen.

Thank you all.

Gordon and Debbie Boo are together again now.

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