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Edward Watson

Edward Watson founded InnerDrive, a mental skills company that initially worked in Premier League football and with Olympic athletes, in 2006. The majority of InnerDrive‘s current work is now in education and business, coaching students and teachers to realise their potential and to cope effectively with pressure.

Click here to view a feature of ‘Release Your Inner Drive’ in The Daily Mail.

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Release Your Inner Drive

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Multi-tasking is a myth

February 18 2019

Multi-tasking is a myth. It does not exist. For things that require our conscious effort and concentration, it is all but impossible to do two things at once. When most people think they are multi-tasking, they are actually shifting quickly from one task to another. But this shifting takes time, effort, and energy.

Research has found that multi-tasking can cause a 40% decrease in productivity. However, there seems to be a belief ingrained in society that multi-tasking is a good strategy. So, just why is it bad to multi-task?

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The eight-hour sleep challenge

February 14 2019

The majority of students recognise that a poor night’s sleep affects their abilities to concentrate and remember information the next day. However, when in pursuit of higher grades, students often forget the importance of sleep. They end up sacrificing this in order to stay up late and cram a few more hours of revision. But what if there were a way for schools to encourage students to get a good amount of sleep and still achieve good grades?

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