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Edward Watson

Edward Watson founded InnerDrive, a mental skills company that initially worked in Premier League football and with Olympic athletes, in 2006. The majority of InnerDrive‘s current work is now in education and business, coaching students and teachers to realise their potential and to cope effectively with pressure.

Click here to view a feature of ‘Release Your Inner Drive’ in The Daily Mail.

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Release Your Inner Drive

Release Your Inner Drive: Everything You Need to Know about…

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This is the best way to start your lessons

August 23 2019

How do you start your lessons?

Do you begin by explaining to your students the intended learning outcomes for the lesson? Many schools function this way, with teachers often writing these outcomes on the board and having students note them down in their textbooks to begin.

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What happens when the classroom clown is a boy?

August 19 2019

Society treats boys and girls differently. Even before birth, you get blue cakes or pink cakes as part of the gender reveal, before moving on to different toys and different types of hobbies.

But what about when children enter school? Do educators subconsciously treat boys differently from girls, and perceive their behaviour differently?

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