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Edward Watson

Edward Watson founded InnerDrive, a mental skills company that initially worked in Premier League football and with Olympic athletes, in 2006. The majority of InnerDrive‘s current work is now in education and business, coaching students and teachers to realise their potential and to cope effectively with pressure.

Click here to view a feature of ‘Release Your Inner Drive’ in The Daily Mail.

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Release Your Inner Drive

Release Your Inner Drive: Everything You Need to Know about…

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Interleaving your teaching

January 16 2020

There are countless teaching and learning strategies that can be used in classrooms, during revision, and beyond. It can be a long process trying to find which ones work best for you and your students and which ones just aren’t effective or practical. But with the wealth of research backing the practice of interleaving, it may be one worth considering.

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How Good Is Your First Attempt?

January 10 2020

Just like Usain Bolt wasn’t magically born the fastest man in the world, students can’t be great at everything on their first try. Any and every skill requires learning and practice, regardless of previous ability.

Then why do so many students feel so much pressure to perform perfectly at their first attempt, so much so that they’d rather not even try? There are many reasons why someone might develop a fear of failure, or rather, the perceived negative consequences of it. One of these reasons is that students might only see the great performances and results, without realising how long the journey to get there was.

So, does your first attempt bear any correlation to your best attempt? Essentially, does how good you are the first time you do something give any indication of how good you could end up being at it? To answer these questions and hopefully provide some much-needed motivation for nervous students, this blog will look at some of the greatest sporting champions in their field – and at their not-so-impressive beginnings.

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