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Edward Watson

Edward Watson founded InnerDrive, a mental skills company that initially worked in Premier League football and with Olympic athletes, in 2006. The majority of InnerDrive‘s current work is now in education and business, coaching students and teachers to realise their potential and to cope effectively with pressure.

Click here to view a feature of ‘Release Your Inner Drive’ in The Daily Mail.

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Release Your Inner Drive

Release Your Inner Drive: Everything You Need to Know about…

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Teaching growth mindset to your students

December 04 2019

Have you got growth mindset fatigue yet? It probably takes about 18-24 months to really set in. The main symptoms include an early euphoria and enthusiasm after reading Carol Dweck’s book Mindset, closely followed by assemblies telling students that they can improve and praising their effort, and finally culminating in a bit of frustration in their slow progress and your desire for more practical strategies.

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PISA 2018 results: fear of failure in the UK

December 03 2019

Every few years, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) release their PISA report. This report discusses the performance and wellbeing of 15 years from 79 different countries. It is one of the largest reviews looking at students from around the world. In their 2018 report, which was released this morning, they look extensively at fear of failure. Their findings make for some very interesting reading about UK students – particularly girls.

Read our quick recap of the findings we found the most interesting in the PISA 2018 review here.

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