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Harry Fletcher-Wood

Harry Fletcher-Wood taught in Japan and India before training with Teach First and spending six years in London schools. During this time he taught history, organised university applications and was a head of department. Most recently, his increasing interest in the fine detail of teacher improvement led to him taking responsibility for continuing professional development within his school and teacher-training with Teach for Sweden. His current role involves researching teaching to help improve Teach First’s effectiveness. He blogs regularly at improvingteaching.co.uk and tweets sporadically as @hfletcherwood.

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Step by step: breaking learning down using behavioural psychology

April 22 2018

I’m good at helping students climb.  At activity centres, every group includes a student who’s terrified of heights.  Partway up a climbing wall they freeze, unable to go higher, unsure whether to return.  And then, I have something to offer – two things in fact.  I’m scared of heights too, so I can guess what […]

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Do the best teachers make the best teacher educators?

April 08 2018

Those who can, do Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, teach teachers. I don’t know whether there’s evidence for any of these statements: it seems unlikely.  It’s the last that intrigues me, although I want to reverse the emphasis: do the best teachers make the best teacher educators?  If not, who does? Teachers […]

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