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Harry Fletcher-Wood

Harry Fletcher-Wood taught in Japan and India before training with Teach First and spending six years in London schools. During this time he taught history, organised university applications and was a head of department. Most recently, his increasing interest in the fine detail of teacher improvement led to him taking responsibility for continuing professional development within his school and teacher-training with Teach for Sweden. His current role involves researching teaching to help improve Teach First’s effectiveness. He blogs regularly at improvingteaching.co.uk and tweets sporadically as @hfletcherwood.

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Convincing students their actions matter

November 03 2019

Rachel’s students don’t care about the things she most wants them to care about.  Rachel recently took responsibility for the Personal, Social and Health Education curriculum in her school.  She’s excited to teach her students to stay safe and to thrive, but she has two big concerns.  First, the subject isn’t valued: most students are […]

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Deep learning? Planning for knowledge transfer: Responsive Teaching update

October 20 2019

The problem: Students can answer questions, but only if they are posed in familiar ways: if we say “Cuban Missile Crisis”, they remember “1962”, but if we ask for “major events in the 1960s” they draw a blank. Students know the basics, but they can’t use them flexibly: they can tell you that 4 x […]

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