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Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts has taught in secondary, primary and special settings for over 25 years. He contributes to university education programmes and writes regularly for TES as the “travelling teacher”. A true Northerner, Hywel deals in botheredness, creative practice, curriculum development and imagineering. He was recently described as “a world leader in enthusiasm” and his first book, Oops! Helping Children Learn Accidentally, is a favourite among teachers.

Click here to listen in on Hywel’s podcast with Pivotal Education - ’ teaching hooks and exercising imagination’.

Click here to watch a video interview with Hywel as part of The Education Foundation’s series of Education Britain Conversations.

Hywel Roberts in the Time Out Room – PP174 Podcast on Pivotal Education.

‘Who are these children who inhabit our classrooms?’ by Hywel Roberts in TES.

‘With some kids you really have to dig for gold. And here, in my drama lesson, I’d discovered a rich’ by Hywel Roberts in TES.

Episode 10: Community, philosophy and inspiration in education, with Hywel Roberts.

Episode 12: Imagineering, uncharted territories and adventures in learning with Hywel Roberts.

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Author Blog

Scotland is Ace

April 29 2016

Hello I’m really proud of the work I’m contributing to North of the Wall. Scotland is a hotbed of creative curriculum and it’s a thrill to be part of it, albeit in a small way. I’m indebted to The Real David Cameron (@realdcameron), one of my key edu-heroes, for inviting me up there a couple […]

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Hold a Child’s Hand…….

March 08 2016

Last June I presented at The Sunday Times Education Festival. Prior to the day I was invited to write a short piece for Schools Week. The link to it is here. I was thrilled to be asked to write it and I was keen to simply capture the idea of what pedagogy means to me. […]

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