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Ian Gilbert

Ian Gilbert is an educational speaker, award-winning writer and editor, innovator, entrepreneur and a man who the IB World magazine named as one of its top fifteen ‘educational visionaries’.

In 1994 he established the unique educational network Independent Thinking, whose Associates and pioneering books have influenced teachers, school leaders and young people across the globe. Ian has a unique perspective on education and society, having lived and worked in the UK, the Middle East, South America, Asia and, now, the Netherlands.

Ian was winner of The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society’s inaugural Educational Writers Award (Nov 2008) for The Little Book of Thunks’ - Click here for more information on the book.

Re-framing the Education Debate with Independent Thinker, Ian Gilbert.

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Publications by Ian Gilbert

There Is Another Way

Edited by Ian Gilbert with chapters by Mark Anderson, Lisa…

Little Owl’s Book of Thinking

Little Owl’s Book of Thinking squeezes years of research, teaching…

The Big Book of Independent Thinking

Edited by Ian Gilbert. In 1992 Ian Gilbert, author of…

Gilbert Filbert and his big MAD box

Gilbert Filbert and his big MAD box,…

The Little Book of Thunks®

A Thunk is a beguiling question about everyday things that…

The Compleat Thunks® Book

In The Compleat Thunks Book Ian Gilbert brings…

The Book of Thunks®

A great gift book for possibly the most impossible person…

There is Another Way

Ian Gilbert’s There is Another Way: The second…

The Little Book of Bereavement for Schools

The Little Book of Bereavement for Schools is written by…

The Working Class

In The Working Class: Poverty, education and alternative voices,…

Independent Thinking

Do things no one does or do things everyone does…

Three Chairs a Table and a Lamp (PAL)

This unique teacher training video shoot on location in North…

Don’t Change the Light Bulbs

Curated by Rachel Jones, Don’t Change the Light Bulbs offers…

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