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Jarlath O’Brien

Jarlath O’Brien is head teacher of Carwarden House Community School, Surrey. Jarlath has worked in comprehensive and selective independent schools and in three different special schools. He is a National Education Trust Leading Thinker, a board member of Wellington College’s Teaching School and a member of the Headteachers’ Roundtable. He also writes for the TES and has spoken at the Sunday Times Festival of Education.

Click here to listen in on Jarlath’s podcast with Pivotal Education - ‘How to be a great leader in a special school’.

Click here to read Jarlath’s article in the Guardian in which he discusses how children with special needs are grossly over-represented in exclusion figures.

Click here to listen to Jarlath on Surrey Hills Community Radio’s ‘The SEND Show’.

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Don’t Send Him in Tomorrow

In Don’t Send Him in Tomorrow, Jarlath O’Brien shines a…

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Are you a piano mover or a piano player?

July 13 2016

I’ve been a Headteacher for five years now and I’m just starting to figure out how it works. Maybe this surprises you. Maybe you expect Headteachers to hit the ground running and, mixing my metaphors, take to the role like a duck to water. Maybe others do (a colleague of mine who I aspire to […]

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Maximising cleverness – but for whom?

June 27 2016

How overwhelming would the research evidence need to be for you to give up your most strongly-held beliefs about education, teaching and learning? What would it take for you to abandon the setting of children by academic ability? Would you stop using fixed-term exclusion if it was shown to have no effect, or was detrimental […]

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