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Judy Rees

X-Ray Listener Judy Rees is a journalist and author, entrepreneur and marketer who loves connecting people and ideas.

She is an expert in applying Clean Language - originally a therapy technique - in business contexts. She uses this precise approach to listening, questioning and metaphor to reveal people’s tacit knowledge and to help them develop businesses, make personal changes, and create systems, products and services which fit their customers perfectly.

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Clean Language

Would you like better relationships, a deeper understanding of the…

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How To Help Adversaries Upgrade Their Conversation

June 18 2018

If you have two adversarial positions in a conversation, how can you take it to a higher level? That’s a great question from, Terry Roof on my recent blog post. My top tip would be for you to stay curious. Isn’t that interesting? Two people taking exactly the opposite views of the same situation… what […]

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5 Tips For Higher-Quality Conversations

June 12 2018

Would you like to have higher-quality conversations? Within your team, with your boss, with your customers… or even in your family? Then you might need to be brave. The highest-quality conversations probably won’t emerge from your comfort zone. Judith Glaser has a nice model of three levels of conversational quality. Level I: Tell-Ask. Transactional, exchanging data […]

The post 5 Tips For Higher-Quality Conversations appeared first on Judy Rees.

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