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Judy Rees

X-Ray Listener Judy Rees is a journalist and author, entrepreneur and marketer who loves connecting people and ideas.

She is an expert in applying Clean Language - originally a therapy technique - in business contexts. She uses this precise approach to listening, questioning and metaphor to reveal people’s tacit knowledge and to help them develop businesses, make personal changes, and create systems, products and services which fit their customers perfectly.

Click here to visit Judy’s X-Ray Listening website.

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Clean Language

Would you like better relationships, a deeper understanding of the…

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How Top Communicators Benefit From Clean Language

May 24 2017

In a couple of my current projects, I’m teaching Clean Language to some of the best communicators out there. Examples include: Agile coaches, who support self-managing teams of highly-intelligent professionals and tend to have a very sophisticated understanding of how to get people working better together Hypnotists, who’ve spent years learning how to use language to […]

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Words To Listen Out For

May 16 2017

In his book Trust Me, I’m The Patient, Philip Harland has an interesting list of words to listen out for when facilitating somebody using Clean Language questions. Philip’s work, and the frame for his book, is psychotherapy – and while that’s where Clean Language originally comes from, that’s definitely not my world. But most of his […]

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