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Julie McCracken

Julie McCracken is a primary school teacher, whose passion for children and effective learning has led her to become a certified Clean Language facilitator and NLP Master Practitioner in addition to her busy day job. She believes in the simple but essential solutions this training provides in allowing her to ensure that her students are part of an inclusive, interactive and happy learning environment.

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Clean Language in the Classroom

Clean Language in the Classroom by Julie McCracken introduces teachers…

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Boosting Children’s Thinking Skills – And Stopping Playground Fights

April 22 2012

Fed up with fielding playground conflicts in school or squabbles between siblings at home? Ever wished for a quick and easy  way to engage children in learning or to boost their thinking? Then read on… Judy Rees has just posted a brand-new podcast in which I: reveal my Clean Language questioning model for resolving playground [...]

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Caitlin Walker TEDx Talk

February 14 2012

Caitlin Walker has just done a TEDx talk which gives a good background on Clean Language and plenty of stories to show applications in education and other areas.  Clean language is really coming of age now and people across the globe are seeing the value of these simple little questions.  

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