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Juliet Robertson

Juliet Robertson is an education consultant who specialises in outdoor learning. Prior to becoming a consultant, Juliet was a head teacher at three schools; making her more than qualified to help others improve their practice. She also writes the popular education blog, ‘I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!’ where she illustrates her ideas and enthusiasm for learning outdoors.

Click here to listen in on Juliet’s podcast with Pivotal Education: ‘A Yearning for Outdoor Learning’.

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10+ Simple Resources for Outdoor Learning You Can Make With Your Class

May 23 2017

Most schools are feeling the pinch in terms of having money to spend on resources and equipment. Thankfully, working outside does not have to rely on expensive kits. Here's a selection you can make from cardboard, paper and other easily available materials. Remember - your class can make their own kit! There's lots of skills to be learned along the way. Many of the suggestions would also work as a collaborative project between older and younger children. Now this is advance planning. As we are well into the summer term, you can immediately put your resources to good use. Better still, you can ensure systems are in place for next year, thereby reducing time, money and stress after the holidays :)

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Rothay Park Play Log – Ambleside

May 21 2017

Last week I was passing through Ambleside en route south and made my habitual stop at Rothay Park. To my amazement there had been a significant change. Sixteen months ago, the park suffered badly in the floods of Storm Desmond. Thus plans were put in place to move the old playground to a less flood prone area that had greater prominence within the park. and give it a complete makeover. The previous playwark had evolved in a more haphazard way with no particular thought given to the overall design, I believe.

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