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Juliet Robertson

Juliet Robertson is an education consultant who specialises in outdoor learning. Before becoming a consultant Juliet was a head teacher at three schools, making her more than qualified to help others improve their practice. She also writes a popular education blog – ‘I’m a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here!’ – where she illustrates her ideas and enthusiasm for learning outdoors. @CreativeSTAR

Click here to listen in on Juliet’s podcast with Pivotal Education: ‘A Yearning for Outdoor Learning’.

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Author Blog

Nature Pyramid Patterns

September 15 2017

Creating rules to follow in maths provides investigations which can be surprisingly absorbing. In this blog post, aimed at primary-aged children, patterns created from random lines of objects are explored.

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15+ Outdoor Maths Books, Packs and Downloads

September 07 2017

On a number of occasions in the Outdoor Maths in Primary and Early Years Facebook group, queries have been made about books and resources that exist about outdoor maths. Thus it seemed to make good sense to put these into a blog post for anyone to access. It would be helpful, if you know of others, to get in touch so that the list is kept up-to-date.  At the moment there's not that many books, so some in the list are definitely dated. Furthermore, there is no doubt that those who work in upper primary and secondary schools have less options. 

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