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Phil Wood

After spending 10 years teaching in secondary schools in Lincolnshire, Phil Wood moved to take up the post of a very small cog in the vast machinery of the University of Leicester where he teaches on master’s programmes in International Education and leads a Postgraduate Certificate in Action Research. He is also an active researcher focusing on learning innovation and thinking about stuff.

Click here to listen in on Phil’s podcast with Pivotal Education on ‘How to Train, Retain and Research’.

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Educational Research

Educational Research by Phil Wood and Joan Smith blends together…

There Is Another Way

Edited by Ian Gilbert with chapters by Mark Anderson, Lisa…

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Innovating teaching and learning in HE: developing an HE studio

February 11 2017

Teaching and learning are increasingly seen as central to the work of universities, particularly with the introduction of the TEF. One of the unfortunate aspects of this emerging emphasis is the over simplification (or complexity reduction) of the processes involved, as league tables, metrics and quality assurance systems kick in. This is a shift which […]

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Making the Case for a Centre for Change Studies

December 09 2016

At the beginning of Duncan Green’s book How Change Happens, he makes the point that within universities there is no dedicated area researching and teaching about change, ‘It turns out they [academic disciplines] each operate with separate and often conflicting theories of change and there is no ‘department of change studies’ to sort it out.’  […]

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