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Stephanie Davies

Stephanie Davies is recognised as one of the UK’s leading voices in the psychology of laughter and humour. She has over ten years’ experience of developing interventions that have been applied in a wide variety of settings dealing with complex public and mental health issues and building teams in high profile organisations. She is an award-winning stand up comedian who has worked with world-renowned Dr Patch Adams exploring the relationship between health, humour, community and the arts.

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A practical self help guide to using laughter and humour…

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Want to know how to get your employees engaged? It requires commitment!

March 14 2019

Want to know how to get your employees engaged? It requires commitment!Most organisations aspire to engage their employees and yet despite great investment in this area they aren’t always guaranteed success. But why? There are countless blogs that tell you what ‘ The costs of poor employee engagement ’ are Higher staff turnover Lower productivity and efficiency Increased sick days Impact on profits To mention just a few and plenty more on...

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How do we create fairer workplaces?

March 07 2019

How do we create fairer workplaces?In 1968 a strike by 187 female workers at the Ford car factory in Dagenham was instrumental in the passing of the 1970 Equal Pay Act. The machinists walked out for three weeks in protest against their male colleagues earning 15 per cent more than them. A few years later the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 made it illegal to discriminate against...

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