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Stephanie Davies

Stephanie Davies is recognised as one of the UK’s leading voices in the psychology of laughter and humour. She has over ten years’ experience of developing interventions that have been applied in a wide variety of settings dealing with complex public and mental health issues and building teams in high profile organisations. She is an award-winning stand up comedian who has worked with world-renowned Dr Patch Adams exploring the relationship between health, humour, community and the arts.

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A practical self help guide to using laughter and humour…

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Is optimism a positive attribute in a leader?

July 18 2019

Is optimism a positive attribute in a leader?

A strange thing happened on ITV last week (I’m not talking about Love Island). It happened during the Conservative Party leadership debate. Someone weaponised optimism, which is surprising considering optimism has always been viewed as a positive attribute. Perhaps it’s indicative of the gloomy times we live in.

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Truly human leadership skills - leading with empathy

July 11 2019

Truly human leadership skills - leading with empathyWhat IS Empathy? Put simply, empathy is understanding how someone else is feeling by putting yourself in their shoes, or more commonly by imagining being in their shoes. Not their actual shoes, we’re dealing in metaphors here. Relax, you don’t need to put Martin’s brogues on. Stand-up comic Ryan Niemiller’s routine about how ‘people su-ck at empathy’ is a funny take...

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