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Stephen Bigger

Stephen Bigger PhD began his career as a secondary teacher and from 1981 was a lecturer in education in teacher training institutes, in Scarborough, Oxford and Worcester, ending as head of department and head of research in education.

Over that period he produced three books in collaboration with colleagues, made chapter contributions to others and wrote many articles and book reviews.

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Living Contradiction

Describes how one teacher lost himself in his rigid commitment…

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Paul Dix

September 21 2017

The school behaviour debate is fuelled with emotion and ignorance. It is framed by a system obsessed with control and punishment. From desperate politicians cracking down on discipline to the tabloids who openly attack damaged children, the wider public debate on behaviour is laced with aggression directed at young people. The search for more severe punishment to beat down the most resilient is something of which we should be ashamed. Calls for corporal punishment and more exclusion are a desperate consequence of a system bereft of ideas, one that blindly insists on pure punishment in preference to reparation and rehabilitation.
Paul Dix, When the Adults Change, Everything Changes, 2017, p.107.

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Gert J J Biesta

September 19 2017

Gert J J Biesta, The Rediscovery of Teaching, 2017:2
what is often (conveniently) forgotton in such discussions is that authority is fundamentally a relational matter and not something that one person can simply impose upon another person.

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