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Will Hussey

Will Hussey is an experienced teacher and author who writes about thinking … and spy dogs. Will has a degree in physical and adventure education and reckons that’s pretty much how all education should be: sedentary and unadventurous education is not much use to anyone. He’s completed three London marathons and the Snowdon marathon. He’s vowed ‘never again’. He is (almost) a black belt in karate and has a wife and two children who don’t take him too seriously.

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Puffed Out

Puffed Out: The Three Little Pigs’ Guide to a Growth…

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June 26 2016

Risk can be a funny business.  Unless it's deadly serious - like trying to escape a towering inferno, or considering undergoing a serious operation.  In fact, come to think of it; that's seriously deadly.  'Funny,' risk is more like having a flutter on the Grand National, or maybe chancing yesterday's socks if the washing basket's protesting.  I guess this can bring us to all other categories of risk: off-milk in a cuppa, public toilets, that last drink and so on.  Change, however, seems to be

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June 01 2016

Perhaps not the most momentous topic for an inaugural blog post, but maybe one of the most yellow. And, I venture, underrated.  Life should be more about custard, and less about BREXIT.  It's not that the pressing political issues of the day are not important, just that being 'pressed,' too long and too hard tends to get you down somewhat.  'Custard,' takes the weight off your shoulders. 'Five-a-day,' is all very well, if the aim is to keep you regular.  Again, regular's okay - but it's not the

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