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When the Adults Change, Everything Changes

Paul Dix upends the debate on behaviour management in schools and offers effective tips and strategies that serve to end the search for change in children and turn the focus back on the adults.

After the Adults Change

Paul Dix explains how teachers and school leaders can move beyond the behaviour management revolution and maintain a school culture rooted in relational practice.

Independent Thinking On Restorative Practice

Mark Finnis shares a practical and inspiring introduction to the use of restorative practice in educational settings.

That Behaviour Book

An essential book for every teacher, providing an engaging and unique mix of anecdotes, practical strategies and moral imperatives for successful and child-centred behaviour management.  

Changing Perceptions

Provides everyone working with children a better understanding of the causes of challenging behaviour and what motivates it.

The Kindness Principle

Advocates a behaviour management approach rooted in values, acceptance and a genuine understanding of children's behaviour.

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Picture for author Paul Dix

Paul Dix

As a teacher, leader and teacher trainer, Paul Dix has been working to transform the most difficult behaviour in the most challenging urban schools, referral units and colleges for the last 25 years. In addition to working directly with schools, Paul has advised the Department for Education on the Teachers' Standards, given evidence to the Education Select Committee and done extensive work with the Ministry of Justice on behaviour and restraint in youth custody. Paul is a leading campaigner for the #BanTheBooths campaign (www.banthebooths.co.uk) and is a member of both the IntegratEd Reference Group and the Ethical Leadership Group.

Picture for author Mark Finnis

Mark Finnis

Mark Finnis is an Independent Thinking Associate and one of the UK's leading exponents of restorative practice. With many years' experience working with schools, local government agencies and social services, he is in great demand as a speaker and trainer ' helping organisations adopt restorative practices in a way that is practical and achievable and that never loses sight of the children and young people they are all aiming to serve.

Picture for author Dave Whitaker

Dave Whitaker

Dave Whitaker is an Independent Thinking Associate and the Director of Learning for the Wellspring Academy Trust. As a former executive principal of social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs special schools and alternative provision academies, he now has responsibility for several such academies across Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. He is also a founding member of the Headteachers' Roundtable think tank and is a regular speaker at conferences, as well as being an active campaigner for educational change.

Picture for author Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker spent 17 years in teaching, before working with local authorities and for the National Strategies as a regional adviser in Yorkshire and the Humber. He is now a behaviour consultant and trainer, passionate about helping teachers to succeed. Stephen lives with Sian in Anglesey where he spends his free time having fun with their children and grandchildren.

Picture for author Graham Chatterley

Graham Chatterley

Graham Chatterley was a school leader who has since led training for thousands of educators across the North of England. He believes that adults play a pivotal role in the behaviour of students and that a culture of teaching children behaviour, rather than managing it, is key.


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