Communication Magic

Exploring the Structure and Meaning of Language

By: L Michael Hall


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Size: 234mm x 154mm
Pages : 360
ISBN : 9781899836734
Format: Paperback
Published: June 2001

Michael Hall has revised and expanded his classic book, The Secrets of Magic. This thoroughly updated and restructured work explores the Meta-Model, which lies at the heart of communication excellence in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Dr Hall demonstrates how your life can be dramatically enriched by having complete control over how you relate and interpret what you are communicating to others.

In a clear and logical manner the author examines: how language affects the mind-body system; how language can perform magic-like feats in the nervous and immune systems; and how the magic can bless, empower and enable us to take charge of running our own brains.

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L Michael Hall

L. Michael Hall is a Cognitive Psychologist who through research into NLP and Self-Actualization Psychology is now a modeler of human excellence; he has completed 15 modeling projects from Resilience, Women in Leadership, Self-Actualization, Coaching, Self-Actualizing Leaders, Managers, and Companies, Selling, Defusing, Wealth Creation, etc. He has authored 50 NLP books and a series on Meta-Coaching. Michael co-founded the ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) and the MCF (Meta-Coaching Foundation) and is an internationally renowned trainer. For his free weekly newsletter, Neurons, go to to sign up.

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  1. Words are so powerful " they can encourage or destroy a person.

    This book is all about words and language, and how they can be used constructively and positively. Using NLP techniques, Dr Hall demonstrates effective and constructive methods of using language to aid personal growth and development.

    This book goes beyond the Meta-Model. It shows clearly how to use the richness of language to empower your own life and that of your clients.
  2. The author explains the philosophical bases and epistemological assumptions underlying NLP and demonstrates that NLP is a powerful form of applied psychology. The text and numerous clearly presented tables contain a wealth of information and help the reader to make sense of some complex NLP techniques.

    The chapters of the book develop logically and offer a number of case studies and clear explanations of why particular NLP interventions work.

    The book is relevant to those in business and those engaged in therapeutic healthcare related activities. It focuses upon core skills and describes how these can be utilised to change attitudes and behaviour.

    I particularly liked the mapping section of the book, which will help readers to better understand the foundations of NLP and obtain greater, success, confidence, and positive outcomes in applying the techniques. Case examples and skills-based exercises ensure effective learning.

    Personally I would have liked the author to specifically consider the relevance of NLP to clinical healthcare practice but appreciate that the book was written with a wider readership in mind.
  3. I've always found the Meta Model useful in helping clients reframe their thinking, but this book takes it to a new level. It's called Communication Magic for a reason - we can help people totally transform the way they look at the world using L Michael Hall's techniques and ideas. A brilliant book!
  4. If you love the language elements of NLP this book is for you. Michael Hall asserts that language is at the heart of all of NLP and offers a powerful argument for his case. There is a good introduction to the history and philosophy of NLP, and most of the book is dedicated to an exploration of the language patterns of NLP. The book is well written and highly readable, though massive overuse of the word "magic" soon annoys. Occasionally too, he does become a bit academic - I am still not sure why we need a whole chapter on "the map is not the territory" when two paragraphs would do fine. Hall adds about 9 categories to the Meta Model. This is academically interesting but doesn't really help the understanding and use of the model in real life. Overall though, this is a fine book, very well written and recommended for all advanced NLPers.

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