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Gilbert Filbert

Gilbert Filbert’s big MAD box template and finger questions sheet.

Now you’ve read the book print out copies of Gilbert Filbert’s big MAD box (the inside and the outside) as well as a finger questions sheet. The two sides are printed back to back with an imaginary dotted line so you can cut out the box if you wish. Both appear alongside a call to action.

Print out copies of these for each member of your class, for your child or for yourself. You may choose to do this in rough first – in which case each sheet can be printed on normal A4 paper. If you are aiming to construct the final box straight away, we suggest printing the inside and outside of the box on sheets of A4 card – the sides should line up on any standard printer but may take a little trial and error.

Click the links below to download/print the box and finger questions sheet: