Lower Your Score with Mental Training

By: Tom Saunders


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Size: 198 x 129mm
Pages : 224
ISBN : 9781904424536
Format: Paperback
Published: August 2004

Golf is a powerful strategy for learning, playing and enjoying golf. The programme is developmental, as opposed to clinical or problem solving in nature. You learn about and develop your inner mental skills, skills which require you to ‘go inside yourself’ to that part of your mind where you foster behaviours which promote good performance.

Creative use of imagery makes it possible to re-program the software of your brain and rid yourself of unwanted behaviours and beliefs, which get in the way of good performance.

Discover how easy it is to:

  • Achieve active relaxation
  • Use mental imagery to learn and improve your game
  • Develop positive thoughts and behaviour patterns
  • Focus completely on the shot you are about to make
  • Increase your chances of having and then sustaining peak performance

This book will give you the tools to create peak performance in golf and in other sports you play. It has a parallel and perhaps a more important goal: to help you develop a lifestyle that is healthy, and behaviours which lead to peak wellness.

Includes a link to free audio download of exercises.

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Tom Saunders

Tom Saunders MD merged his life's work as a physician with his life's pleasure, golf. He practiced as a Family Physician in Calgary until 1968 when he joined the new Faculty of Medicine as head of Family Practice. As a professor he taught medical students and trainees how to use self hypnosis techniques to help their patients manage medical problems. He set the principles of hypnosis on his own game, and with other golfers.


  1. The mindset of sports participants is crucial. If it is 'wrong' or 'off' then skill, tactics or great equipment will be of limited value. This book introduces the reader, in a very accessible way, to the link between mind, body and performance. Supported by a CD of exercises, the author (a medical doctor and golfer) provides some useful tools to help golfers create the appropriate mindset for enjoyable and successful performance on the golf course.
  2. Comes across as more of a text written for an educational audience than a consumer one and struggles to keep reader interest because of this. That said those who are serious about the mental side of the game will pick up useful hints and tips.

    RATING 3/5
  3. I have read with great interest Tom Saunders' book Golf. I have incorporated many of Dr. Saunders' methods in my work as an applied sport consultant over the past 25 years. There is no doubt this book will be helpful to golfers around the world and it is a welcome addition to the golf psychology literature.
  4. Golf: The Mind and Body Connection is an excellent resource for golfers of all abilities serious about improving their game.  Dr. Saunders breaks down the key mental aspects related to golf and provides easy to follow exercises that focus on the player's ability to control the outcome of their shot and to physically prepare for success. His connection between drawing on peak performances to positively influence future outcomes and his quote, "You do not have failures, you only have experiences from which come continuous self-improvement" is an inspiration to me as an athlete.

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