How to be an Amazing Middle Leader

By: Caroline Bentley-Davies


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Size: 234 x 156mm
Pages : 271
ISBN : 9781845907983
Format: Paperback
Published: March 2014

Today the myriad skills needed to be an amazing middle leader in schools can seem mind-boggling. What's more middle leaders are taking up the leadership reins after gaining experience for far fewer years than ever before.

Whether you are new to this role or are more experienced and aspiring to become a school leader, this book will give you the vital information you need in order to understand what is really important about your role and how to improve your key skills. This practical everyday guide covers:

  • The skills of an amazing middle leader
  • How to inspire others against the backdrop of the busy day to day running of a school
  • Effective delegation
  • Leading a team and getting the right things done
  • Developing excellence in your team and sharing good practice
  • Preparation for inspection
  • Middle leader challenges and next steps. 

An outstanding guide for an often neglected group.

Picture for author Caroline Bentley-Davies

Caroline Bentley-Davies

Caroline Bentley-Davies is an adviser, consultant and coach for teachers and school leaders. She runs training and observes lessons across the UK and overseas. She has trained thousands of teachers and is the author of many bestselling books, including How to be an Amazing Teacher and How to be an Amazing Middle Leader.


  1. With the increasing focus by Ofsted, Estyn and governing bodies on the role and impact of subject and middle leaders in the challenge to drive up achievement within schools and colleges, Caroline Bentley- Davies has put together a welcome source of advice and information to improve current practice. This book has many excellent tips both to move practice forward and how to avoid and deal with problems. I particularly enjoyed the sections on the 5”As” of Amazing Leadership; Talking to the team to clarify what is currently working and Dealing with Difficult People. Many subject leaders will gain confidence from five things to do to improve teaching and learning, including, for instance, showing the team video clips of what outstanding teaching looks like. In addition the author summarises well the ten top tips for successful middle leaders, which is essential reading for all aspiring leaders. This is a very well structured resource with excellent tips from an experienced practitioner, with clear guidelines for reflection. It will be a great asset in schools and colleges to give a structure for reflection and ideas to move current practice forward.
  2. If you're looking for advice at the start of your journey in teaching, there are plenty of titles designed to help. Would-be heads are fairly well catered for, too. But if you are at the point in your career when you are thinking of making your very first move into leadership, it can be harder to find books that are pitched at just the right level to give you the support and encouragement you need. It's great news, then, that Caroline Bentley-Davies has now followed her hugely successful -˜How to be an Amazing Teacher' with a Similar approach to the task of taking on the role of a middle manager - offering practical, thoughtful counsel in a way that's both accessible and inspiring. This immensely useful read is full of sound strategies, engaging anecdotes and clever tips. Whilst -˜reflection moments' at the ends of chapters give you the opportunity and space-to make notes and record targets. It's effective CPO in your hands.
  3. How can Middle leaders be an outstanding practitioner, proactive manager and visionary leader? With her calm, authoritative narrative, Caroline Bentley-Davies mentors you through the myriad of skills, such as the art of delegation as well as balancing the needs of your team versus the pressures of school improvement, that are indispensable for a busy middle leader today. As an experienced head of department, I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after reading it: CBD provides an excellent mix of advice when undertaking this daunting, demanding, exhilarating role and opportunities for reflection on your journey towards being an outstanding middle leader -” this is professional learning at its best.
  4. I really enjoyed the easy to access structure; you can dip in and out of it as well as read it from cover to cover. Very handy chapter titles, reflection points and relevant content. I particularly liked the quiz at the beginning which really made me focus on myself and my development instead of just learning about someone else's experience. Very refreshing. Very current and salient points regarding leadership and management too. Caroline's experiences are so relevant. Also enjoyed the 'What not to do' section which provided an amusing but sensible reminder not to fall into any traps, we all know a few of huge characters Caroline mentioned!
  5. How to be an Amazing Middle Leader' is a very inspiring read, with relevant anecdotes and useful tips with puzzling questions to reflect upon. The 5A's questionnaire identified my characteristics and helped me review on how I respond to day-to-day situations. I now have great ideas on how to use -˜pupil talk' more effectively in my department and across the school.
  6. This amazing book is a must read for anyone who aspires to be a high-performing middle leader.
    A concise, practical read that provides middle leaders with the strategies to ensure they have day-to-day impact in this crucial and challenging role. Bentley-Davies covers the role from every angle, from how to drive consistent teacher quality, through to how to effect long term change and influence whole school behaviours, this book delivers on it all. An essential read for any outstanding middle leader.

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