Influencing with Integrity – Revised Edition

Management skills for communication and negotiation

By: Genie Z Laborde


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Size: 234mm x 187mm
Pages : 276
ISBN : 9781899836017
Format: Paperback
Published: August 1995

This classic book on the psychology of communication has sold over 150,000 copies. Dr Laborde uses techniques derived primarily from NLP to create a set of state-of-the-art skills which the reader can use to improve any interaction. Extremely popular with management trainers and business and sales people for its methodological and straightforward approach to this complex subject.

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Genie Z Laborde

Genie Z Laborde PhD, is an internationally known communications consultant to major corporations and government agencies. She is a partner in the international communications firm Grinder Laborde Associates and has many years of experience leading seminars for executives in business and government.

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  1. The people at Dana Corporation changed that corporation through communication. Influencing with Integrity teaches you the very skills you need for success at work, in your family and in your community.
  2. Laborde proves herself without doubt one of the most skilful, energetic and articulate presenters of themodels developed through the NLP process.
  3. What's one of the most important outcomes in life? Rapport with others. Laborde's book is not the usual one, she goes deeply into the real secrets of rapport. In this book you can really learn to go from sensory awareness to sensory acuity, to understand diversities and go beyond them, to become a Pro of both private or business communication. This is one of the classics in NLP, you can't miss it and it's to be read more than one time.
  4. The sub title of this excellent paperback is, -˜Management Skills For Communication And Negotiation - Learn the secrets of communication excellence from one of the world's foremost practitioners': It sums up the purpose superbly. The ten chapters cover the ground in an easy style from the introduction and on through the book, including lots of simple cartoons and illustrations to help. Perhaps we need to be reminded that we should consider the desired outcome of any communication before we begin, just like planning a journey, Dr Laborde tells us.

    The book then takes us on in small -˜bite-sized' pieces through sections on rapport, perception, sensory acuity, meeting procedures and flexibility. There are also sections on sales techniques, negotiating with others and congruence - all designed to help you know yourself better and thereby work and communicate better with others. This book you will want to re-read many times.

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