Know, love and inspire your people

By: Katy Granville-Chapman , Emmie Bidston


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Size: 222 x 182mm
Pages : 264
ISBN : 9781785834868
Format: Paperback
Published: June 2020

Co-authored by Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston, Leader: Know, love and inspire your people will energise leaders in any setting to lead through service and empower them with the tools to help their team flourish.

What exactly is it that good leaders do to enable their teams to succeed? How do they think? What do findings from neuroscience teach us about effective leadership?

Leader explores and answers these crucial questions.

In this wide-ranging book, Katy and Emmie eloquently combine up-to-date research in psychology and neuroscience with inspiring examples of success to show that leadership can be learned and that it is all about looking after your people.

They take you on a journey to meet a diverse selection of great leaders from multiple spheres – from the sports field to the corporate world – and talk you through the process by which effective leaders have become great leaders.

The secret lies in mastering three key principles: know your people, love your people, inspire your people. These three principles form the core of the book, which also provides a range of practical activities designed to help you reflect on your own and your team’s progress and performance.

The authors contend that leadership which focuses on the flourishing of people is not only intrinsically valuable, but is also the most important factor in achieving success in any domain. To provide proof, the book features inspiring examples of leaders who have made a significant impact in their organisation, alongside insightful analysis of how and why effective leaders outperform others – not just in terms of results, but, even more importantly, through the contributions they make to people’s lives.

Practical, evidence-based and optimistic, this book is suitable for both aspiring and established leaders.

All royalties from sales of this book will be donated to The Prince’s Trust.

Find more helpful information at www.leaderknowloveinspire.com

Leader was highly commended in the leadership for the future category of the Business Book Awards 2021. The judges’ comments were: “This is an exceptional book and if you’re looking for the perfect blend of tried and trusted techniques with a human, purpose-led, empathetic approach for your team and your business, this is the book for you.”

Leader was longlisted in the CMI Managers Management Book of the Year Award 2021.



Picture for author Katy Granville-Chapman

Katy Granville-Chapman

Katy Granville-Chapman, DPhil is a Teaching Fellow at the University of Oxford’s Department of Education, an Associate Fellow at the Oxford Character Project, and a Senior Fellow of the Community of Practice of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University. Katy completed a doctorate at Oxford University and her thesis explored how leaders could improve flourishing. Katy served in the British Army as both a troop commander and an education officer, a role in which she set up the education provision for British soldiers in Iraq and delivered leadership training to them. Katy is the co-founder of a global leadership programme for young people that has participants in 105 countries.

Picture for author Emmie Bidston

Emmie Bidston

Emmie Bidston is an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Character Project and a Senior Fellow of the Community of Practice of the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University. Emmie studied economics at the University of Cambridge before working for the UK civil service in a range of areas from education to contingency planning. She is the director of the Wellington Leadership and Coaching Institute. She has also co-founded a charity to help develop young leaders in Africa and runs conferences and coaching and leadership training for adults and young people.


  1. In this all-embracing, extremely stimulating and engaging book, Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston take readers on an inspiring, challenging and thought-provoking journey focused on three main themes: know your people, love your people and inspire your people. The learning is brought to life through a wide variety of illuminating reflections, practical scenarios and challenges to convert theory into action - for example, in the section on value, the authors develop the key point of playing to our strengths and emphasise how individuals respond to honest praise. The authors also draw upon a wide range of case studies, reflections on practice and personal influences by leaders active in business, politics, sport, education and other fields. Furthermore, the end notes and comprehensive bibliography are outstanding features of the book too. 

    Leader is a truly exceptional, inspirational and challenging read. It is written in a style that makes it relevant and appropriate for leaders from all sectors who may seek confirmation that they are on the right road or want to reassess their 'driving skills'. Read, reflect and move forward.

  2. Leader is an outstanding book for anyone interested in becoming a better leader. The principles covered are relevant to everyone: from executive to apprentice, from parents to teachers and coaches, and, in my case, to those involved in delivering healthcare as both a doctor and as a leader of clinical teams.

    The book skilfully weaves case studies of leadership excellence through a narrative that concentrates on compassion, empathy and vision to inspire, motivate and develop your team. A useful feature is the thoughtful practical exercises for the reader to reflect upon and put into action.

    Leader is easy to read and is perfect for either a twenty-minute dip at bedtime or a leisurely afternoon with a cup of tea. So if you're looking for a great book on leadership, my advice is to read this one.
  3. If you're seeking the formula for effective teamwork and eager to improve performance and productivity, then Leader is the perfect book for you. Interspersed with fascinating case studies and brimming with practical tips and challenges, it is a treat to dip into or read at length. 

    Distilling decades of research findings, Katy and Emmie take a fresh look at leadership and talk us through the essential ingredients needed to develop ourselves as great leaders - from the importance of really knowing and caring about our teams, to building and sharing a vision that will inspire and motivate them. 

    Leader offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to leadership, and I'm now eager to implement what I've learned.

  4. In Leader, Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston show why leadership centred on service, truth, kindness, empathy, generosity, purpose and love is what we need to take us forward through the hardest realities and challenges of life.

    Katy and Emmie ground their argument in the latest research and illustrate it with compelling case studies of high-performing teams from the worlds of sport, business, healthcare, technology, politics and education. This is the leadership that powers Google, the All Blacks and the British Army - and is modelled by public figures such as Michelle Obama and Andrew Strauss. But it isn't all about big names. It's about strong character. Examples of servant leadership fill the book, as do practical leadership exercises.

    This book doesn't simply introduce a way of leading; it inspires, challenges and guides you to step up and lead in your own context for the good of those around you. 

  5. This is exactly the sort of book on leadership we need for the modern world in which we live. Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston's writing is clear, engaging and communicates a deep understanding of the human condition - a welcome tonic when an ever-growing body of literature simply adds any adjective before the word 'leadership' and claims to be the great catch-all for success. Instead, the authors ground their message in research from a number of different fields, focusing on the essential ingredients which make for a meaningful relationship between the leader and their people. Their particular focus on values is spot-on.

    Packed with numerous case studies, useful exercises and practical tips, Leader is a must-read for anyone interested in learning about what it takes to lead with compassion, authenticity and success in the twenty-first century.

  6. To be known, loved and inspired is a basic human need which acts as the fuel for a purposeful, values-driven life. Katy Granville-Chapman and Emmie Bidston have encapsulated this simple yet powerful message as the core of this practical guide for those striving to become better leaders and those who aspire to lead. Leader will quickly become a go-to companion for many on this journey.
  7. This is an exceptional book on leadership. Leader seamlessly combines fantastic stories with laser-sharp questions to prompt you to think, learn and, ultimately, grow your leadership capabilities.

    If disaster strikes, pray for Shackleton; if a need for mental stimulation and insightful guidance hits you, then most definitely call for Katy and Emmie!

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