Learning Solutions in Hypnosis

By: Robert McNeilly


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Size: 6 DVD Set
ISBN : 9781845908553
Format: DVD
Published: June 2012

Six-DVD set featuring sessions demonstrating:

  • Lifting Depression
  • Hypnosis in Relationships
  • Healing Trauma
  • Healing Sexual Abuse
  • Weight Management
  • Hypnosis With Kids’‚ (three demonstrations)

Completely re-mastered, this five-hour programme offers demonstrations based on the work of Milton H. Erickson, MD. Each of these live sessions explores the use of hypnosis within a solution-oriented approach to solving specific issues. They cover the following scenarios:

Lifting Depression
The experience of depression is explored and the client is gently invited into an experience of focused absorption.

Hypnosis in Relationships
Through the use of metaphor, a couple are helped with their problem.

Healing Trauma
The client enjoys walking on the beach, which is then turned into a metaphor for the opportunity to reconnect with her traumatic experience.

Healing Sexual Abuse
Hypnosis is used to build on a client’s experience to ‘produce’ an event where her feeling of helplessness is re-enacted in order to imagine that the perpetrator suffers and she regains her dignity.

Weight Management
A woman who has had a weight problem for over 25 years finds an easy, peaceful way of changing her eating patterns.

Hypnosis with Kids
Three separate sessions are presented - twin boys who are always fighting, a boy who wets his bed, and a girl who is soiling herself. The children are engaged without formal hypnotic methods, so that they naturally connect with their own abilities to generate solutions.

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Robert McNeilly

Dr Robert McNeilly had been in family practice for 10 years when he was inspired by meeting Milton Erickson, regarded as the founder of modern hypnosis and credited with profoundly influencing the direction of psychotherapy. Dr McNeilly has been refining this approach in his practice over the last 30 years, and in his teaching. He has taught internationally including at Ericksonian Congresses. He brings a simplicity to potentially complex concepts and creates an experience of respect and trust enabling clients and students to safely explore their own unique abilities.


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