Learning To Learn

Making Learning Work for All Students

By: Garry Burnett


Size: 297mm x 210mm

Pages : 184

ISBN : 9781899836789

Format: PaperbackAudio CD

Published: June 2001

User-friendly, interactive, accessible and practical, Learning to Learn brings science and brain theory to the arena of teaching and learning. Garry Burnett leads us through a compelling process to find the best learning strategies for each individual, a process that involves using the two sides of the brain and that draws on every aspect of the learning experience. Each unit has detailed teacher plans, providing a structured, effective learning cycle that will:

  • utilise a range of learning styles
  • exercise a variety of thinking skills
  • address the development of the Multiple Intelligences

An exciting and enjoyable resource for teachers and parents, this book is recommended to those wanting the best possible results. Learning to Learn will revolutionise your teaching approach, and aid in the development of confident, resourceful learners.

The book includes many photocopiable worksheets, detailed lesson plans and prompts, plus a FREE audio CD of useful stories. Suitable for ages 11-14.

See below for a selection of audio samples from the audio CD.

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Picture for author Garry Burnett

Garry Burnett

Garry Burnett has been an English teacher, advisor and advanced skills teacher (AST) and a lead practitioner and head of department for over 35 years. He has written and lectured extensively on teaching and learning, creativity and parenting all around the world.

Now focused on his own original creative writing, he is currently engaged in producing Turn and Face the Strange, the hit show about the Hull-born musician Mick Ronson, and the screenplay Moonage Daydream, telling the story of David Bowie and Mick's musical collaboration. .


  1. The book and DVD are an invaluable source of information for trainee and established teachers. The exercises are simple and effective to use in classroom situations. The resource will assist effective teaching and learning in schools
  2. Garry Burnett's inspirational book shows how to embed a whole series of skills into the classroom that will last students a lifetime.
  3. With its upbeat, aspirational tone this learning resource could be just the thing for injecting some novelty into teaching and learning.
  4. Garry is one of those committed and inspirational teachers who any parent would want to teach their child.
  5. This book was a delightful surprise after all the books I have seen and read on accelerated learning. The layout was very much in line with my own approach to learning, that is, it does all begin in the mind.

    What I particularly liked about this book is the fact that it was written for a variety of ages from 13 upwards and easily digestible in format. Pictures, stories, facts, exercises were all well linked to different intelligences. Having stories of people who have succeeded and the way they used their different intelligences is an excellent way to motivate people to achieving the life of their dreams. It also encourages people to realise that success is not random but by doing things in a certain way.

    I will certainly recommend this book to my clients as I believe this is a great compliment to the Rapid Sensory Learning and Deliberate Creation programme for studying. It allows each person to learn more about their own intelligences at their own pace as well as finding new keys and techniques that can be used over and above the sequence of Rapid Sensory Learning and Deliberate Creation.

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