Learning to Learn in Practice

The L2 Approach

By: Alistair Smith , John Turner , Mark Lovatt


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Size: 297mm x 210mm
Pages : 304
ISBN : 9781845902872
Format: PaperbackCDROM
Published: November 2009

Change the way you think about learning and about preparing students for the challenges of the 21st century with this new book by bestselling speaker Alistair Smith. This detailed re-evaluation introduces 12 essentials of Learning to Learn and explains their impact for students and teachers, helping learners move away from teacher dependence towards learner independence. Learning to Learn in Practice: The L2 Approach:

  • Shows you how to develop a Learning to Learn approach across your school
  • Provides guidance at classroom, school and community level
  • Shows how to involve parents
  • Gives case studies from schools on different stages of the journey
  • Gives guidance on embracing Web 2.0 technologies
  • Explains what works and what doesn't
  • And is packed with easy to apply common sense ideas and guidance.

If you wish to get behind the theory and find out what really makes the difference then this is the book to take you on the next step of your journey.

Picture for author Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith

Alistair Smith is an internationally known consultant, author and trainer. He has spoken to tens of thousands of teachers across the world and has written a number of books including: The Brain's Behind It: New Knowledge about the Brain and Learning, Help Your Child to Succeed: The Essential Guide for Parents and Accelerated Learning: A User's Guide. He is the designated learning consultant to the Football Association. He is also the author of Learning to Learn in Practice (ISBN 9781845902872).

Picture for author John Turner

John Turner

John Turner is an experienced Assistant Head Teacher with specialised knowledge in teaching thinking skills and in CPD for teachers. John now manages a national Learning to Learn support network.

Picture for author Mark Lovatt

Mark Lovatt

Mark Lovatt Is Deputy Head Teacher of Cramlington Learning Village, a school described as 'the best in the UK for combining learning approaches with ICT-. Mark is the co-originator of L2 - the Learning to Learn approach and co-author of Accelerated Learning: A Users Guide.


  1. ... pulls off the amazing trick of blending things together: good advice with practical steps to apply, comments on the way we do our work with the story behind them, logic on why we should adopt a different approach with analysis of why it is not always easy - and what we could do to get started.

  2. Learning to Learn in Practice presents a brilliant case for placing the -˜learn to learn' approach at the centre of the curriculum experience. The review of theory is comprehensive, the resources are exceptional and the twelve principles are clear. For those who are hesitating it is a great -˜way in' and for those who are well down the road it will greatly enhance what they are already doing.
  3. This is an invaluable, deeply practical, but structured and thoughtful guide to creating a generative approach to learning which generates more learning and able learners as its main outcome.
  4. ... sets out a vision, taking you well beyond current data-driven imperatives to the core purpose of every intelligent, modern school. It equips you, both intellectually and practically, to get on with the real job of teaching, the moral job, funnily enough the old-fashioned job, of letting educational insights rather than political dogma determine practice and of seeking to give students the best chance of lifelong success as they stride out into their adult world, not ours.
  5. This is a deeply researched, comprehensive and authoritative book which integrates emerging knowledge, successful practice and proven strategies into a highly effective and relevant synthesis.
  6. ... provides teachers and students with many tools, frameworks and ideas for getting at -˜natural' learning activites. It is well organised, multi-faceted. It draws in all the key literature but does so in a way that gives practical and fundamental focus to learning.

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