Literacy Through Football Skills

By: Phil Beadle


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Pages : 20
ISBN : 9781845904203
Format: Paperback
Published: December 2009

What if it were possible to teach kids the fundamentals of sentence structure entirely through football skills work? How would that impact on boys' attitudes to literacy? What if, rather than stand in front of them and give them the same tired old lecture about the comma, we took it outside and used something in which they have substantial interest as the conduit to learning?

In Literacy through Football Skills, acclaimed educator Phil Beadle attempts to answer that 'What if?'

This book contains an illustrated scheme of work that, if followed, will teach your students some quite complex grammatical ideas, through just taking them outside and doing some football training. All these activities have been fully trialled by Phil with a group of students and are appropriate across Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

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Phil Beadle

Phil Beadle knows a bit about bringing creative projects to fruit. His self-described renaissance dilettantism' is best summed up by Mojo magazine's description of him as a burnished voice soul man and left wing educationalist'. He is the author of ten books on a variety of subjects, including the acclaimed Dancing About Architecture, described in Brain Pickings as a strong, pointed conceptual vision for the nature and origin of creativity'. As songwriter Philip Kane, his work has been described in Uncut magazine as having novelistic range and ambition' and in Mojo as having a rare ability to find romance in the dirt' along with bleakly literate lyricism'. He has won national awards for both teaching and broadcasting, was a columnist for the Guardian newspaper for nine years and has written for every broadsheet newspaper in the UK, as well as the Sydney Morning Herald. Phil is also one of the most experienced, gifted and funniest public speakers in the UK.

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