Me, Myself, My Team – Revised Edition

How to become an effective team player using NLP

By: Angus McLeod


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Size: 234mm x 156mm
Pages : 180
ISBN : 9781845900342
Format: Paperback
Published: December 2006

Me, Myself, My Team is a practical book stimulating the reader to new and empowering strategies using ‘team’ as a model for change.

Whether the objective is to influence changes in your work-place, decide on the most career-important focus for your job or knowing how to understand and influence difficult people, this book has inspiring tools for stimulating change. The emphasis is principally on what we can do to make a difference at work. These learnings are extended to provide practical ideas for developing people and teams as well.

This edition is updated throughout and has more emphasis on understanding people and influencing skills.

Picture for author Angus McLeod

Angus McLeod

Professor Angus McLeod is pre-eminent in coaching technology and practice. His company Angus McLeod Associates trains coaching-skills for managers, leadership and management development learning journeys' and e-learning solutions as well as supplying 1-2-1 coaching. They also supply ASK MAX', the world's first e-mentoring service, a cost-effective way of getting top coaches into organizations for a whole day at a time, where they coach several people during each day. He is also Principal of the Coaching Foundation, an e-learning platform for practical learning of coaching skills. They cover both life- and executive-coaching as well as business development programmes for coaches as well. A wide range of blended-learning is offered including video-tutorials, webinars, series of small-group tutorials (online) and an e-learners community with monitoring and tutoring by professional coaches. Angus is also Visiting Professor of Coaching at Birmingham City University and a supervisor of PhD applied research in coaching and leadership.


  1. This book offers a number of insights for those who embrace NLP philosophy and who want to be proactive in terms of organisational and personal change.
  2. An excellent book that makes no assumptions about prior knowledge or experience and where the author talks to you as an equal.

    The examples and exercises take the book out of academia and make it a very practical workbook. Those new to teams will benefit from the insights whilst experienced team leaders will find the book an enjoyable refresher.

    In addition to personal development for the reader, behavioural trainers and coaches will find many ideas and concepts just ready for transporting into the classroom or coaching session.
  3. With immense clarity and with beautifully crafted exercises, Angus McLeod takes you on a journey through the most powerful, practical and grounded approaches to building teams and making them work. He has translated the jargon of NLP into something we can all understand and easily use. This is one of those rare books which enable you to go beyond words and take actions that make a difference. Yet another thoroughbred stallion from the McLeod stable; lean, powerful, focused, and enabling you, with certainty, to win the race.
  4. There are many excellent NLP books on the market but several of the 'application' books attempted to push NLP into all circumstances. This book discusses applications of NLP, general approaches to communication and good team theory, and it does it very well. There are some very useful ways of thinking that may not be obvious approaches to teams. The language is clear and concise; the chapters are appropriately titled with insightful excersises. Angus is a constant innovator in the field and this work is certainly worth reading through.
  5. A truly excellent read. Superb advice from a master coach.
  6. Angus McLeod's excellent work is a must have for anyone working in or with a team. It contains powerful tools for both the new team member or experienced team leader.

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