Milton H. Erickson, MD, Explorer in Hypnosis and Therapy PAL

By: Jay Haley , Madeleine Richeport-Haley


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ISBN : 9781845900441
Format: DVD
Published: November 2006

"In the process of understanding and working with his own pain, Erickson understood pain better than any other therapist, since he'd been down that road himself." – from the narration by Jay Haley.

"He was a genius, he really was. He was a maverick." – Robert E. Pearson.

Narrated by Jay Haley, this 60-minute documentary videotape offers an intimate and far-reaching portrait of this remarkable individual's life and work. You'll learn how Erickson overcame numerous adversities in his early life dyslexia, complete paralysis from polio at age 17, and chronic pain; and how these events formed the genesis of his development as an innovator in hypnosis and therapy.

Featuring abundant footage of Erickson during interviews and therapeutic sessions, many of which have never been previously released, you'll learn more about the man and his work through fascinating interviews with his colleagues, students, patients, and family members. This inspiring portrait of one of the most humane therapists of our time will enrich the lives of anyone interested in the extraordinary potential of the human spirit.

An NTSC version of this is also available – please contact us for details.

Picture for author Jay Haley

Jay Haley

Jay Haley studied with Dr. Erickson for 17 years. He was a major editor of Erickson's works and authored many books about him. Mr. Haley was a professor at Stanford University, Howard University, the University of Maryland, and California School of Professional Psychology.

Picture for author Madeleine Richeport-Haley

Madeleine Richeport-Haley

Madeleine Richeport-Haley is a noted anthropologist film-maker who studied with Erickson.


  1. This DVD is about history. It is about the man who has secured a place in the history of hypnotherapy.

    Jay Haley studied with Milton Erickson for 17 years. (You may have read his"Uncommon Therapy, Norton Pub. 1986 onThe Psychiatric Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, MD.) In the DVD, he has included cameos of a number of well known figures in the field such as Jeffrey Zeig and Stephen Lankton. They talk about the impact Milton Erickson had on their development.
    The archival filmed footage is often with indistinct sound but the style of the man shows through. Dr Erickson was remarkable. He overcame the hurdles that life threw at him such as polio, chronic pain and dyslexia. Just as he turned his symptoms to good use, so he used his patients symptoms as assets in their treatment.
    The DVD provides us with some idea of the foundation and background of the work we are doing in the hypnotherapeutic field and are a link to a man we no longer have direct access to.
  2. The DVD is essentially Haley and what a funny thing for me to say when talking about a DVD about Milton Erickson MD, the profoundest medical hypnotist of the 20th century. What I am referring to is that the way the DVD is put together with the Haleys' smoothness and beautiful narrative style. If that were just it, however, I would not be reviewing its content.

    It is a treasure chest of Erickson's life and story with interviews with just about everyone who came within 10 yards of Erickson. There are interviews with family, children, colleagues, ex-patients, Erickson's doctor and last but certainly not least Mrs Betty Erickson. Added to this is a cause celebre of American hypnosis academics. The only ones missing are Erickson's dogs who one gets the impression may come through in trance at any moment. This is indeed an American adventure story starring no less than Erickson himself, the cripple who became the doyen of hypnosis.

    Kidding apart, there is footage of Erickson, working throughout the years with everything from the Monde interviews to a teenage girl with great pain control. This DVD is really for hypnotists who do not know very much about Erickson. It may also be useful as a teaching aid to help teachers introduce students to a collection of hypnotic phenomena. It does not, however, give insight into hypnotic techniques that Erickson used or in-depth analysis of those techniques. Neither does it really broach his evolution of brief therapy but simply gives a series of snapshots of him working with hypnosis.

    If you are beginning with hypnosis, then I would advise you, the novice hypnotist, to see this DVD even though it portrays at times very much of an overview of Erickson and his journey. In 60 minutes it would be hard and over-ambitious to really reveal all about this very complex and incredibly resourceful man and clinician. Coupling this DVD with reading Erickson's own works would help the fledgling hypnotist have a much greater understanding of hypnosis and its remarkable potential. On finishing this review I hear that Jay Haley had just died, and how we in hypnosis will miss him but are happy he has left us much food for thought.
  3. I have never had the opportunity before to see any video of Milton Erickson. This DVD is a window into the great man and his unique way of working. There are excerpts from all times in his life which help to show how he developed his skills.

    Also, there are several testimonials from people who worked with him or were treated by him over the years. The hour that it took to watch this went so quickly that I found myself disappointed that it was over and wanting more, much more.

    It is a really inspiring and amazing DVD to watch and I would wholeheartedly recommend that anyone watch it.

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