Product reviews for Making Every Primary Lesson Count

Shirley Clarke, Formative Assessment Expert, Associate, UCL Institute of Education
Making Every Primary Lesson Count is a highly accessible, practical book for primary teachers which makes constant reference to relevant, current and powerful research evidence.

Its framework provides an essential underpinning of what matters most: challenge, explanation, modelling, deliberate practice, questioning and feedback. The authors have taken all that we currently know about children's learning and woven it into highly practical strategies. Each chapter begins with two real-life scenarios which are then fully analysed and developed. We are not only shown how key research informs us of how we need to teach, but are also given a range of well-sourced practical strategies and ideas.

Several threads run through the writing: the ethos of a growth mindset and the importance of struggle; the framework of formative assessment; high expectations for all with no false ceilings; and the need for clarity, practice and modelling. These ideas, if followed, will go a long way towards helping teachers, as the authors say, “guide children towards independence”.
Guest | 30/05/2017 01:00
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