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Susan Moss, Professional Coactive Coach
The Resilience two volume set, for primary and middle school teachers, will help you promote self-managed, resilient learning in your classroom. These practical workbooks detail a holistic approach to developing your students' Resilience through a series of modules with activities, theory, and reflective exercises.

Resilience: The Personal Skills You Need to be an Effective Learner Includes sections on:
Annie Greef has set out to offer a new way forward to develop the personal skills of young people. What is very encouraging is that responsibility is being given to the learner for their learning. As Annie points out, resilient learners have tools and skills to help them succeed across the curriculum.

  • Resilience (an introductory overview for the teacher and pupils)

  • Marvellous Me

  • Emotions

  • Free to Be Me

  • My World

  • My Time

Another feature of this approach is the involvement of young people in shaping the learning environment. It is suggested that teacher and children could have regular discussions about the rules for the learning session, a place to decide jointly how learners take ownership of their learning process.

The materials in the book encourage critical thinking and dialogue thus engaging all the intellectual and emotional intelligence in the classroom ” imagine the strengths of teachers, learning assistants AND children all being harnessed for the purpose of learning!

Greeff quotes Thomas Perls and Margery Hutter Silver ( 1999) who have studied resiliency in well adjusted individuals of extreme old age. The traits that define resiliency include : adaptability, sense of humour, service to others, sense of purpose and involvement. If we can inculcate these qualities in young people, the quality of their lives and society as a whole.

I can thoroughly recommend the use of the exercises in this book , which are presented in a teacher friendly way with timing, group use suggestions, script to set up the activity and worksheets where appropriate. The material fits very well with the PSHE and Citizenship curricula as defined in the National Curriculum.

This volume truly is a treasure chest that can be used over many years with individuals, small and large groups of young people from primary through middle school .
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