Product reviews for Resilience Volume 1

Roy Leighton - writer, broadcaster and practitioner in confidence, learning and managing evolution (personal and organisational)
It is a joy to read. A fine balance between intellectually sound; emotionally and creatively stimulating; practical, playful whilst supporting the bigger questions of self and one's place in a world that is changing faster than at any period in history.

I see this as becoming a valuable hand book for teachers and parents that wish to assist their children (and themselves) along a path of learning and living and away from the direction of negativity, frustration, fear and disallusionment that so many of us have been launched on following too many negative educational and life experiences.

I would be wary of describing any book as “essential reading” but I do believe that this one is. Drawing from the latest understanding on intelligence, creativity and the dynamics of social and spiritual co-existence this book filters, sifts and presents the reader not only with the essence of all that brain and heart based learning and provides exciting and relevant exercise to develop theses skills in children that will assist them for life.

Finally, having worked in the arena of creativity, learning and confidence since the early 80's it is with a mixture of real joy and regret that I say that this is the book I wish I had written. Annie has fulfiled, in quite a brilliant way, the messages and direction that myself and others have been banging on about for years. A real achievement to her and a precious gift to the rest of us.
Guest | 08/03/2005 00:00
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