Tait Coles, Assistant Principal, Head of ITT across a group of schools in Bradford

Phil Beadle has written a seminal piece of work exploring creativity and the timely need for Maverick behaviour in a perpetuated mediocre world. With shades of Hakim Bey's "The Temporary Autonomous Zone", the book takes the reader on a personal and philosophical journey through change, performance and failure. You know that when a book begins with an affirmation of the protests of 'Radical Muslim Feminist' Safia Aidid it is going to strike at the very heart of conservative establishment and it does so with sophistication of thought and style. With a layout that seems to be inspired by McLuhan's "The Medium is the Massage", Beadle will guide you - almost Diffordesque at times - through the emotional pitfalls and loneliness of authentic creation, whilst at other points in the book he stands back and ridicules the pretension of our successes. Either way, the book needs to be read by anyone brave enough and honest enough to understand the need for rejecting conformity and challenging blandness. This book will certainly be ridiculed, misunderstood and overlooked by the dullards Beadle urges you to fight against, but as the writer himself encourages, "Smile at them. They hate this. And fire your energy and your anger into your work."

Guest | 13/06/2017 01:00
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