Product reviews for Puffed Out

Nick Chandley, Director, Philosophy for Schools Ltd
Just as Roald Dahl did with Little Red Riding Hood, in exposing her as a pistol-wielding wolf killer rather than the sweet innocent girl we'd all grown up with, so Barry Hymer & Will Hussey have given us a whole new way of looking at the Three Little Pigs.  Actually, they've given us sixty whole new ways to look at the story, from considering the consequences of all your children leaving home at the same time to wondering why the big bad wolf didn't come back for revenge.  In these days of more-is-more, it's good to be reminded how much can come from so little and in such a fun, engaging way. Definitely not a pig in a poke and certainly a wolf in sheep's clothing, this book oozes creative and critical thinking opportunities and will pave the way for new looks at any other story you read, no matter how simple you used to think it was.  
Guest | 14/06/2017 01:00
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