Product reviews for Resilience Volume 2

Keith Trickey, Senior Lecturer, School of Business Information, Liverpool John Moores University
The thinking behind this work is excellent, the acknowledgement of the lack of focus in the the primary school curriculum to enable children to develop their ability as learners and also to develop those personal qualities that will enable them to deal more effectively with what life may throw at them.

The range of exercises are fascinating and creative, encouraging participants to make that extra step outside their safety zone so that real personal development can occur.

The structure of teachers notes with the exercises allows the teacher to select that which is most appropriate for their students. The exercises form a useful basis that the creative teacher can simplify, elaborate or simply use as a take off point for their own designs.

The American nature of the work, particularly in Vol 2 hints to a very different cultural outlook as to what is important in the world when compared to my own view. The age band for the work as “primary” I feel is slightly restrictive as some of the topics dealt with do not surface as concerns (in the UK) until the early secondary stage.

A very useful resource to stimulate classroom or youth work on this important topic.
Guest | 08/03/2005 00:00
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