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Cath Prisk, Global Campaign Director, Outdoor Classroom Day

We learn with our hearts and our hands before our heads. That holds true for every aspect of the curriculum and indeed for life - but doubly, trebly so for learning the foundations of mathematics at an early age.

Except for a chosen few, I don't believe there is such a thing as a natural mathematician. As with language, music and science, our skills develop organically over time and are grounded in our childhood experiences. Children today have less time outdoors than ever before, with fewer opportunities to try out experiments and play with maths on their own. So it's more important than ever that schools take learning outdoors, allowing children to build their foundation of concepts and language naturally and confidently.

This is a great follow-up to Dirty Teaching. It stands alone in its own right, however, giving teachers, child-minders and all educators (including parents) the confidence to see the mathematics all around us and to help children draw out the concepts they are exploring in their play.

I highly recommend Messy Maths to teachers working at all stages and in all manner of early years settings. You'll come away inspired - ready to get outdoors and help the children you work with feel super confident in their mathematical language and practical application of mathematical reasoning. I bet you'll get better at estimating weights and lengths too!

Guest | 16/06/2017 01:00
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