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These are two new books dealing with (Vol 1) Personal Skills for Effective Learning and in Volume 2 Social Skills for Effective Learning. Both books are excellently written. In fact one astute observer noted, 'The subject matter is spot on. It is exactly what schools, up and down the country, are looking for at the moment. The way the author has set out the progression of the material works really well.

Areas covered (Volume 1) include: An introductory overview for teachers and pupils, identity, emotions, free to be me, my world and my time. Each unit contains an introduction, followed by guidelines. Learning points provide the main focus to assist understanding, complemented by worksheets and specific exercises.

Volume 2 deals with Interpersonal and adoptive skills, empathy, finding solutions, conflict, moving on money matters and diversity. The planning and progression follows the same pattern as volume 1 .The core skills that Annie Greeff details are essential for today's young people to be successful, in tomorrow's world. These books will give confidence to staff who wish to be effective in helping young people learning to cope with the inevitable challenges they face.
Guest | 02/11/2005 00:00
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