Product reviews for Resilience Volume 2

Mary Mountstephen, SEN Magazine
'Social Skills for Effective Learning' is a practical workbook to promote the development of selfmanaged, resilient learners. It is the companion volume to Personal Skills for Effective Learning and both books have been written by Annie Greef, who is a former teacher and currently a training consultant.
The book includes six units, a glossary of terms and an appendix linking the units to the National Curriculum. The units follow a common format with an overview, guidelines and
photocopiable activity sheets. They cover issues such as empathy, conflict and diversity. The author writes about the changes in family interactions in modern society and the impact they have had on children acquiring emotional competencies such as resilience. She stresses the importance of teachers as role models and claims that working through this resource
book can also prompt the reader to embark on a personal development journey. By balancing hope and a positive outlook, she challenges teachers to examine their own beliefs about themselves and about children as a starting point. There are many useful activities in this book which can be adapted to suit the age of the students; however, I would imagine that it is aimed at secondary level.
Guest | 18/03/2014 00:00
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