Product reviews for The ABCS of Coping with Anxiety

Alison Knowles, author of Ollie and His Super Powers

The ABCS of Coping with Anxiety is written in a beautifully straightforward, uncomplicated way that allows the reader to follow both its instruction and the author's thought process with ease.

I am not a cognitive behavioural therapist and, as such, I would look for root causes to illuminate the belief system that created the anxiety in the first place. James Cowart helps the reader to recognise their triggers and, by doing so, assists them to interrupt their self-defeating anxiety patterns. Anxiety is often caused - as is eloquently explained in the book - by lack of control, however I believe the direct, descriptive ABCS approach will help many in taking back some of that control by better recognising what they can and can't influence.

The ideas and explanations are clear and I have no doubt The ABCS of Coping with Anxiety will be a trusted companion for many in seeking coping strategies for their anxiety.

Guest | 03/07/2017 01:00
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