Product reviews for Visual Thinking

Glinette Woods
This book immediately grabs your attention and makes you want to look at it as it is so visual! As someone who constantly promotes visual support for teaching and thinking this book is like a Godsend. It explains everything visually itself, thus showing the power of the approach. In the introduction it describes the benefits of using mapping and visual images. It then has a chapter on Making Mindscapes.

This is followed by a chapter called The Copy Cat's Guide to Drawing, in which the authors show you how to draw step by step, using simple shapes. The section on drawing faces is great for depicting different emotions and moods and they go on to people, movement and allsorts. There is a large section of images in alphabetical order which can be easily copied.

The next chapter is Creating and Using Symbols. As a user of Writing with Symbols I would still find this useful for instant creativity when a computer was not available and when symbols are required to link to personal and specific circumstances. The last chapter, Mindscape Templates looks at thinking skills, problem solving, goal setting and more.

I think this book would be useful for all teachers of pupils of any age. We live in a symbol society and many of us visual learners. With the visual environment children and young people are exposed to nowadays (t.v., computers, etc) teaching needs to be visual in order to stimulate their minds. This book would help all of us, including those who say they can't draw. Well worth the price.
Guest | 26/10/2005 01:00
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