Product reviews for Uncivilised Genes

Philippe Couture, permaculture designer and award-winning documentary film-maker
Science keeps accumulating warning signs about the potentially deadly path we are blindly pursuing while increasingly secluding ourselves in ever more artificial and sanitised environments.

In this very well-documented book, Gustav Milne traces back through hundreds of thousands of years to bring to light an unsettling genetic clue that suggests we might be indulging in terribly inappropriate behaviours; from our food habits to the way we move around -¦ and just about everything else.

Uncivilised Genes debunks deep, hard-core, unsound beliefs about ourselves and I strongly recommend that everyone with a pre-frontal cortex reads it. At best, it might give us crucial information about who we really and deeply are - information that might prevent our entire species from destroying itself. At worst, it is very entertaining reading before the light goes off. 
Guest | 26/07/2017 01:00
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