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Andrew Halfacre, Director - Lighthouse 365 - Coaching & Training
This is a terrific workbook for any coach, teacher, trainer or facilitator who wants the engage the visual learners among their clients or perhaps add a more visual flair to their work. If you are currently using lists of words written on a flipchart in black or blue, this workbook will help you transform your visuals. It's especially suitable for those who believe they cannot draw because it takes you by the hand and leads you through how to present information visually, starting from how to draw a square right up to combining easy to learn shapes that can produce great looking visuals.

The book starts by introducing “mindscaping” - a term for representing information visually using symbols, diagrams and mindmaps. It then goes onto one of the very best sections - an a-z symbol dictionary with handy symbols and pictograms for common concepts. Although written primarily for teachers with students, the ideas and template can be easily adapted to all forms of group work.

For disclosure, I received a review copy and the test for me is always “would I buy this with my own money?”. In the case of Visual Thinking - definitely, I can see this becoming a well thumbed reference book and is now part of my workshop kit.
Guest | 18/02/2008 00:00
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