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The Hypnotherapist
This is one of the most unusual and yet exciting books that I have had the pleasure of reviewing.

It is a collection of short metaphorical stories written specifically for children. Each story relies on hypnosis and other general relaxation techniques such as belly breathing, to deal with an amazingly wide spectrum of both physical and emotional problems that children may present.

This amazing and very attractively produced book covers such items as

Phobias and anxiety attacks
Sleep disorders
Pain Management
Asthma and other medical disorders
Death and Dying

The stories themselves are a delight to read and are very well received by children of all ages. I have found that children are only too pleased and willing to discuss the contents of the stories and feel that they can be really helpful to them

In addition to the stories there are excellent sections which provide clear guidance to the Hypnotherapist on how best to use the material. Also there is a very useful section " Information about Hypnosis for Parents". This is carefully and confidently written and I feel no parent would have any worries about their child receiving help through this medium

I am an ex teacher with something like 20 years of education service under my belt. I do feel that, excellent as these stories are, they need careful handling by someone used to being with children and happy to be working with them. The rapport between patient and clinician must be right for the impact of the story to be at its fullest.

The success of this approach depends on AH CREAM as the writer suggests. This is something which brings about a feeling of real trust and security between the child and therapist:

A Accurate assessment
H History
C Confidence, Competence, Credentialsbr>R Rapport
E Expectation
A Active Participation
M Motivation, The child's motivation to change is key to the success of this type of intervention

All of the stories in this remarkable book are both positive and empowering for the child. The stories are amusing and warm in contact and children are well able to relate to the characters - all animals in the Ashland Zoo. The characters are truly appealing and their message comes over to the reader in a compassionate and positive way that children readily take on board.

I feel sure that children will love the stories as well as benefit and learn from them. I have no doubt too that many adults will enjoy them too and may themselves gain help from the sheer simplicity of the material.

This is an excellent book and I feel is going to make a major impact on the effective use of Hypnotherapy with children of all ages.
Guest | 24/05/2005 01:00
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