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Dr Geoff Teece, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Exeter Graduate School of Education
Warren and Bigger's account is deeply human and is a model example of how to turn a piece of academic research (a PhD in this case) into a beautifully written, highly readable, and truly inspirational book.

Living Contradiction is a book for now which addresses the urgency for a radical reassessment of what schooling should mean. Schooling, it should be remembered, is not the same as education; but as this book so clearly demonstrates, too much schooling today provides an arid landscape that produces stressed out teachers and unhappy pupils. Some of the source material -“ particularly the extracts from pupils' diaries -“ are frankly shocking, and illustrate an alarming lack of respect afforded to pupils' human rights and dignity.

Not all schools are the same, of course, but all who are involved in the education of our young people will find here a fascinating and inspiring journey that grapples with the real issues of schooling. I'm certain that many teachers will find Living Contradiction deeply relevant and truly inspirational.
Guest | 14/08/2017 01:00
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